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7. Trump: "I will be right eventually"
Thu Dec 31, 2020, 08:23 AM
Dec 2020

These pictures are from last spring in Brooklyn.

We had 3,076 Americans die yesterday of C-19.
The only thing going away is trump. William769 Dec 2020 #1
! Solomon Dec 2020 #10
And Not Soon Enough! COL Mustard Dec 2020 #35
The voting machine, in the West Wing, by President Biden William769 Dec 2020 #36
You forgot it will be gone by November 4 malaise Dec 2020 #2
+1 llmart Dec 2020 #11
Oh yes there were supposed to be Easter Sunday services for the malaise Dec 2020 #18
The gullible - so true. llmart Dec 2020 #41
Funny You Say That ProfessorGAC Dec 2020 #16
I shouldn't be but I continue to be amazed at how easily malaise Dec 2020 #19
Same To You! ProfessorGAC Dec 2020 #43
So do you malaise Dec 2020 #44
He is right about one thing OLDMDDEM Dec 2020 #3
Yes, he will go the wrong way that is always right. ananda Dec 2020 #15
Yep, and monkeys will type Shakespeare greymattermom Dec 2020 #4
From JHB's cartoon thread malaise Dec 2020 #5
Trump rounded the bend a long time ago bucolic_frolic Dec 2020 #6
Zinger KentuckyWoman Dec 2020 #40
Trump: "I will be right eventually" Botany Dec 2020 #7
By Inauguration Day more Americans will have died from PaulRevere08 Dec 2020 #8
US combat deaths in WWII were 291,000. (just combat) panader0 Dec 2020 #23
Including non combat deaths (such as disease, accidents), military 407,300 sarge43 Dec 2020 #32
Hey sarge--my son just made sergeant too. panader0 Dec 2020 #34
Excellent. Well done and best wishes. sarge43 Dec 2020 #37
He graduates from Special Forces in March. panader0 Dec 2020 #38
More best wishes and hand salute. sarge43 Dec 2020 #39
Just so the young people don't get misinformed........... jaxexpat Dec 2020 #26
As my dear Grandma would say: MyOwnPeace Dec 2020 #9
He WILL be very right here Dukkha Dec 2020 #12
That would be just fine... 3catwoman3 Dec 2020 #14
He also said he'd leave the country. plimsoll Dec 2020 #21
Oh, god pull-ease make that promise come true. Flush him down the toilet. 10, 15 times. lambchopp59 Dec 2020 #29
Promises made and not kept. That's tRump. Ever the BSer. SammyWinstonJack Dec 2020 #33
Trump's mind: "I will CAUGHT eventually." Tiger8 Dec 2020 #13
Only if you get therapy Yavin4 Dec 2020 #17
Even a broken clock is right twice a day! Hip2bSquare Dec 2020 #20
This list can form part of the evidence for his homicide trial. Karadeniz Dec 2020 #22
Wrong, fuckstick Aviation Pro Dec 2020 #24
DJT is living proof that if you live long enough, you'll see everything. Mr. Evil Dec 2020 #25
One Way Or Another, The Coronavirus Will Eventually Go Away. panfluteman Dec 2020 #27
Like monkeys & typewriters... eventually. CaptainTruth Dec 2020 #28
it will be gone after the election and winter. AllaN01Bear Dec 2020 #30
Us: We will be right forever. ancianita Dec 2020 #31
Eventually the sun will swallow the earth. So, yeah, even this place is going away. SoonerPride Dec 2020 #42
Nope. Blue Owl Dec 2020 #45
a broken clock is right twice a day scarytomcat Dec 2020 #46
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