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I would at this racist ass so fast .... stonecutter357 Dec 2020 #1
LOL Skittles Dec 2020 #2
Uh huh uh huh underpants Dec 2020 #3
We thought Jeb was the smart Bush until he opened his mouth. milestogo Dec 2020 #4
You can bet there's trouble in the bedroom if he's talking about that sort of thing... MerryBlooms Dec 2020 #5
And exactly how is Kim supposed to tell the difference? ironflange Dec 2020 #16
Covid is primarily a vascular disease. KentuckyWoman Dec 2020 #21
I Always Thought the Contest Was Too Close to Call The Roux Comes First Dec 2020 #6
Has this "wanna-be-loved-by-somebody-anybody"ever been relevant a day of his life? Guilded Lilly Dec 2020 #7
The stupid runs deep in that family PJMcK Dec 2020 #8
He being out there speaking, please proceed, and often! Brainfodder Dec 2020 #9
I keep telling you guys they have an ongoing game of rock-paper-scissors... JHB Dec 2020 #10
I think it's really important that we understand this line of attack. mahina Dec 2020 #11
I've Never Made Fun Of Eric As The Dumb One! ProfessorGAC Dec 2020 #12
Hey, I'm flexible! Paladin Dec 2020 #17
Wouldn't That Make Them... ProfessorGAC Dec 2020 #18
Yet again, I'm flexible. Paladin Dec 2020 #25
That One, I'm Going In A Different Direction ProfessorGAC Dec 2020 #26
Suits me fine. (nt) Paladin Dec 2020 #27
This is their simplest divide and conquer and it has largely worked. mahina Dec 2020 #13
Hmmmm all the incels I hear about in the news are repugs MLAA Dec 2020 #14
Men who are Democrats are confident and secure in their masculinity .. CatMor Dec 2020 #15
It is because their masculinity is so small... redstatebluegirl Dec 2020 #22
So true .. the only thing big are their vulgar mouths. CatMor Dec 2020 #24
He is a jacka&&. Why doesn't he find a corner somewhere and snort some more stuff up his nose? SWBTATTReg Dec 2020 #19
What a total fucking loser! smirkymonkey Dec 2020 #20
Fuck you junior spanone Dec 2020 #23
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