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6. Leon Panetta warned about this..
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 08:16 PM
Dec 2020

...but, unfortunately, hewas a Democrat who worked for Bill Clinton, so Republican national security functionaries who followed him in office ignored the warning. This was back in 2012, mind you. At the time Republicans made fun of his warning, citing tinfoil hat defenses as the proper response. Even Wired magazine made fun of the warning, claiming that the few specifics he talked about as illustrations, were too minor to warrant such “heated rhetoric”.

Here’s what he said, though, “if a crippling cyber attack were launched against our nation, the American people must be protected. And if the Commander-in-Chief orders a response, the Defense Department must be ready to act."

There were crippling cyber attacks against th nation that left us with Donald Trump as President. But since the attacks helped him, Trump didn’t act. He let Putin off the hook and signaled that Russia could just go ahead with more cyber attacks.

The best defense is a good offense, military planners from Lao Tzu, to Napoleon, to Patton, to yeah, Panetta, have argued. Trump either didn’t get the memo, or he had another agenda.

Stupid isn’t a defense. Trump, who overseas a nearly $700 BILLION dollar budget, is responsible for the latest cyber defense debacle.

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