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3. It's because a high percentage of those Repubs. in power are sociopaths. And these,
Tue Jan 10, 2012, 11:29 AM
Jan 2012

by definition, have no compassion for other people in pain and misery. A psychological
testing had been performed some years ago:

A number of people were shown a movie of people being humiliated, beaten and tortured
(only a movie, of course, but it looked real). Each of them was also being given a
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test. The results showed:

Normal people had feelings ranging from disgust to horror, and this could be verified
when their MRI tests showed that the "pain" or "displeasure center" of their brain was aroused. This can be seen as an enlargement of the arteries supplying the displeasure
center of the brain.

Sociopaths and psychopaths showed no change in their MRIs.

On the other hand, sadistic socio- and psychopaths did show a change in their MRIs.
Their "pleasure center," which is located in a different part of the brain, was aroused.
They were enjoying what they were seeing!

We've got to have fewer of these sociopaths in high places. They can bring nothing to
our nation but ruin and destruction. And being sickos, most of them don't even know they
are destroying our nation. The few who do know, don't even care. Their consciences are
defective. Their concept of morality never developed beyond the stage of that of the
small child. It remained arrested there.

Can these sickos be blamed for being they way they are? Of course not! But we don't
have to elect them to positions of high responsibility either. They are not capable of
feeling responsible for anything.

I doubt there's any one answer... phantom power Jan 2012 #1
It's because a high percentage of those Repubs. in power are sociopaths. And these, Cal33 Jan 2012 #3
I'm with you on this. newspeak Jan 2012 #9
It's a way of separating themselves from those "other" people. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2012 #2
Torquemada would have been a rethuglican. lpbk2713 Jan 2012 #4
I did not even mention edhopper Jan 2012 #5
Because a fundamental aspect of the RW philosophy is that the strong in society should be allowed to LeftishBrit Jan 2012 #6
Good post! edhopper Jan 2012 #7
Spot on! PurityOfEssence Jan 2012 #12
Wrongly believing rank and file Republicans "delight in suffering" kctim Jan 2012 #8
I love your posts, they crack me up. Ikonoklast Jan 2012 #10
I agree Puzzledtraveller Jan 2012 #17
I think I was talking more about edhopper Jan 2012 #22
If you make $8 or $10 or even $12 an hour hfojvt Jan 2012 #11
Well, it basically comes to the same thing... LeftishBrit Jan 2012 #15
Whut? lonestarnot Jan 2012 #24
I don't minimize their evil - I think you might have been referring to another post. LeftishBrit Jan 2012 #26
Religion. FarLeftFist Jan 2012 #13
I don't know. I think you have to be born that way. raouldukelives Jan 2012 #14
Oh, they delight in suffering, all right . . . Brigid Jan 2012 #16
It Makes Them Feel "Superior"... KharmaTrain Jan 2012 #18
They don't call it the "R-complex" for nothing: IDemo Jan 2012 #19
To get in real good StarlightGold Jan 2012 #20
To have someone to look down on treestar Jan 2012 #21
Verminists! lonestarnot Jan 2012 #23
For all the reasons already mentioned, plus that... Crankie Avalon Jan 2012 #25
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