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8. 50 year of people looking at this thing
Fri Dec 11, 2020, 04:56 PM
Dec 2020

and the solution is just more narcissistic insanity. He loved these little taunts and really leaning into the occult stuff. But, there's just no way he really believed he was collection slaves for the afterlife. That would suggest some serious disassociation and Zodiacs killings were too organized for that.

These are the writings of somebody who sounds like they are barely hanging on to reality. Somebody like this wouldn't be able to hold a job, couldn't have lasted more than a short time in the military is at all, and wouldn't have had the presence of mind to do things like bring their own weapon or clean up evidence afterword.

Zodiac planned everything out. He picked his places and waited to the opportunity. He took steps to conceal his identify. He brought the weapons he was going to use and took them with him. He even cleaned up the scene some at the Paul Stein murder and took pieces of his shirt to use as proof that it was him later in his taunts. He planned things out enough that he committed his murders in multiple jurisdictions so that it would be harder to coordinate the investigation and connect the murders right away.

Zodiac was crazy, but not like that. He was trying to paint this picture to cover for the real reason he killed; because he got a sexual release from it.

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