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that's some scary cult-like shit right there. NRaleighLiberal Dec 2020 #1
the little sh*ts should address the idolatry of Trump worship instead of worrying about a gag or fad Thomas Hurt Dec 2020 #2
Monoliths are driving Qanon crazy SomedayKindaLove Dec 2020 #3
What's an M-drop? (She shudders to ask...) Squinch Dec 2020 #6
I think he's referring to monolith drops: M for monolith. tblue37 Dec 2020 #10
Ohhhhhh! Squinch Dec 2020 #15
Yes, Tblue37 is correct! SomedayKindaLove Dec 2020 #24
What sanctimonious jerks. C_U_L8R Dec 2020 #4
Hopped up on energy drinks underpants Dec 2020 #8
That's why I call them "Talibornagains". Initech Dec 2020 #28
Good christ. What assholes. Squinch Dec 2020 #5
They get their panties in a twist over murielm99 Dec 2020 #7
Thankfully we have good upright christians like these fellas ornotna Dec 2020 #9
They putting up a shrine to their God King Trump-Christ instead? Baclava Dec 2020 #11
Make it a rule that if one puts up a cross on public lands that he efhmc Dec 2020 #12
One cannot steal property just because the property is in a public space, no? RockRaven Dec 2020 #13
These morons are why we can't have nice things. Initech Dec 2020 #14
Yep. First thought that came to mind. crickets Dec 2020 #25
Why aren't they being arrested Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #16
Our supreme court would uphold their right to destroy pagan heathen obelisks. JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2020 #17
arrest those pos rockfordfile Dec 2020 #18
They found another one. Mosby Dec 2020 #19
Lol! demmiblue Dec 2020 #20
I love that! nt crickets Dec 2020 #26
So perfect! rusty fender Dec 2020 #29
LMAO! Behind the Aegis Dec 2020 #30
The next monolith needs to be engraved "Placed Here By God" - Vinca Dec 2020 #21
This is why we can't have nice things anymore . . . grantcart Dec 2020 #22
Like the Taliban destroying Buddhas mainer Dec 2020 #23
yeah week old pieces of scrap metal whistler162 Dec 2020 #27
In the name of religion. That's what I meant. mainer Dec 2020 #32
Assholes. NO! FUCKING assholes! Behind the Aegis Dec 2020 #31
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