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Sun Nov 29, 2020, 01:09 AM Nov 2020

Can we simply acknowledge that nearly 50% of Americans are enthralled to Fascist, Authoritarianism? [View all]

And prefer that style of government to a democracy. Can we stop always blaming the Democratic party or "Socialism" or "Defund the Police" or "Cancel Culture"?

Trump got more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016 against the best candidate that the Democrats could nominate. Biden had much higher approval ratings than Trump and didn't have ANY of the "baggage" that Hillary had. Still, Trump did better. That should tell you something. And no, I don't think that "Defund the Police" was the reason. Trump has said and did FAR worse, but paid no political price. Anyone remember him calling our military suckers? There was more evidence of that than Biden saying, "Defund the Police".

No amount of messaging or policy is ever going to change the minds of that near 50%. It's comforting to think that if the Democrats said "X" instead of "Y", we would have done better, but that's overlooking the obvious. We have a massive cultural and political schism in this country with no easy, simple solutions. This is something that out of the control of the party.

The good news is that over 50% of this country does indeed want a democracy. Let's focus on the majority and run the country to the best of our ability.

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Makes sense, otherwise you have to believe OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2020 #1
'Simply?' No, we can't. elleng Nov 2020 #2
Well stated--I agree. n/t blitzen Nov 2020 #3
I think it's worse than that. I think a moonscape Nov 2020 #4
A purposefully dumbed down populace. Bring back Civics in schools. Funtatlaguy Nov 2020 #9
Ignorance vs Fascism Martin Eden Nov 2020 #47
Republicans I_UndergroundPanther Nov 2020 #5
It is actually 50 percent of those that vote questionseverything Nov 2020 #6
2/3 of eligible voters. Voltaire2 Nov 2020 #41
No question, we are deeply divided, with both sides believing they are right. Hoyt Nov 2020 #7
About 45% of Americans are stone cold racists. That's what Republicans count on. nt SunSeeker Nov 2020 #8
Great post, cilla4progress Nov 2020 #10
No, I think 38.4% are fascist and the rest follow the really stupid. OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2020 #11
I'd guess in the 30-35% range. Lots of folks just like authoritarianism Eyeball_Kid Nov 2020 #18
Actually, he will kick ass. OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2020 #22
Read Conservatives Without Conscience by John Dean zaj Nov 2020 #12
John Dean's latest book is out. Basic LA Nov 2020 #28
Great points Bradshaw3 Nov 2020 #13
oh yeah Thomas Hurt Nov 2020 #14
Biden got millions more votes than Trump JI7 Nov 2020 #15
He didn't actually do better! Dem2 Nov 2020 #16
NO! Absolutely not! I will not accept there are 50% Iwasthere Nov 2020 #17
how do you explain how many people voted for that pathetic man-child dictator-wannabe? Skittles Nov 2020 #32
He didn't get nearly half of the country, though. Just 47% of those who voted. Drunken Irishman Nov 2020 #37
I gotta say Skittles Nov 2020 #43
Should be pointed out that part of the reason Trump got more votes than he did in 2016 standingtall Nov 2020 #19
Well, no, because the math is wrong Miguelito Loveless Nov 2020 #20
Authoritarian or not, a lot of them just hate liberals and Democrats. Earthshine2 Nov 2020 #21
30% did not vote in this election. So your 50% is @ 33%. 58Sunliner Nov 2020 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author Freelancer Nov 2020 #24
I think we are missing the boat if we are thinking of this as a rural thing tulipsandroses Nov 2020 #26
One third UTUSN Nov 2020 #25
This - Similar percentages to 1/3 of the colonists supported rebellion while 1/3 were against it fearnobush Nov 2020 #27
Yip. UTUSN Nov 2020 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author Mopar151 Nov 2020 #30
It's a lot more complex. There a lot of axes to grind! Mopar151 Nov 2020 #31
But it isn't 50% of Americans. It's approx 30-40% of the repuke party a much smaller number Thekaspervote Nov 2020 #33
Or, it could be larger than 50%, right? Yavin4 Nov 2020 #34
Could be but we cannot say. All we can say definitively is that 22% voted Trump. Drunken Irishman Nov 2020 #38
There's every indication that if every eligible voter voted, the end result would not be different Yavin4 Nov 2020 #50
47% voted for the loser. Biden got 51% Rice4VP Nov 2020 #35
47% voted for an anti-democratic authoritarian. Yavin4 Nov 2020 #36
Germans in the thirties were not different from other people Cicada Nov 2020 #39
I think it's way over 50% Captain Stern Nov 2020 #40
The ones who don't vote are even more dangerous treestar Nov 2020 #42
Many probably don't know moondust Nov 2020 #44
But even without knowing the meaning they know what Trump does and says JI7 Nov 2020 #45
Yes sinkingfeeling Nov 2020 #46
Here's the American problem malaise Nov 2020 #48
That's 100% true. We use our police like we use our military abroad. Yavin4 Nov 2020 #49
That is also a very important point malaise Nov 2020 #51
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