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Alacritous Crier

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21. My wife...
Sun Nov 8, 2020, 03:27 PM
Nov 2020

has a bunch of trumphumpers on her facebook. She says they're all saying he'll still win. It's nuts!

Cripes, they are still not aware they lost the civil war SheltieLover Nov 2020 #1
Between the stress of their cult member losing and the threat of the Corona virus they might get kimbutgar Nov 2020 #2
They won't. This is just another example of Phoenix61 Nov 2020 #3
Where was this? n/t Laelth Nov 2020 #4
Red Ohio.sigh Cousin Dupree Nov 2020 #15
Along the Ohio river, i.e. Southeast Ohio? Laelth Nov 2020 #16
I may have just driven by the same Pathetic rally. Red Raider 85 Nov 2020 #5
One the way back I yelled "losers" too! Ohio? Cousin Dupree Nov 2020 #7
Some people NEVER give up......... MyOwnPeace Nov 2020 #6
*snort* smirkymonkey Nov 2020 #20
I would have just kept taunting "Looosers" DLCWIdem Nov 2020 #8
I did on the way back. Felt so good! Cousin Dupree Nov 2020 #12
The fact that is was just 12 unfortunate fools show that... brush Nov 2020 #9
Dead-enders. n/t cureautismnow Nov 2020 #10
I read some of them believe some states will do a re-run of the election. KY_EnviroGuy Nov 2020 #11
Didn't see any Trump flags on vehicles today still some on houses yet. I doc03 Nov 2020 #13
A few haven't taken them down. NutmegYankee Nov 2020 #17
I Saw Just One Flag ProfessorGAC Nov 2020 #19
Tell me not to smoke so much?! Tell me not to drink so much?! Clearly fogged in Nov 2020 #14
trDump knows with his circus trained clapping seals base,... magicarpet Nov 2020 #18
My wife... Alacritous Crier Nov 2020 #21
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