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18. As an outsider, may I ask . . .
Tue Nov 3, 2020, 04:44 AM
Nov 2020

Are property owners boarding up shops and other places because they think Democratic party voters will lose, and loot, rampage and generally run amok?
Or is it the deplorable hordes of vanilla ISIS in major disappointment mode they fear?
Or antifa?
The proud (sad) boys?
The Tiki torch brigade?
The 17 year old out of state self appointed vigilante crowd?
The armed incels?
Bikers for Trump?
Grandmas for Biden?
The lesbian bikers for Biden?


But what if someone gave out riot invitations, and no one came to party all night?

And if there is an all night riot party, who will bring the food, the guns, the ammo, and the bandages?

Don't forget if you get injured in that (possible) riot, the hospitals are rather busy at the moment . . .

Never mind me, I'm confused. A lot of people would be, I'd say.

WHY????!!!!!! live love laugh Nov 2020 #1
That is the BS the right wing is spreading. BigmanPigman Nov 2020 #4
Their desperation is deranged. nt live love laugh Nov 2020 #5
I would not be surprised by riots whopis01 Nov 2020 #17
Why? Are they expecting a lot of Sore Losermen? dchill Nov 2020 #2
The trumpkin vote suppressors and "traitor trains" are signs of what's to come. Grokenstein Nov 2020 #19
Unbelievable. What country are we in? Dem2theMax Nov 2020 #3
Trump's America peggysue2 Nov 2020 #6
Less than four years to turn it into a "shithole country" Grokenstein Nov 2020 #20
I saw on the local news that San Diego is boarding up downtown stores BigmanPigman Nov 2020 #7
I don't understand who they think is going to riot. Renew Deal Nov 2020 #8
Magas when Biden wins? n/t moonscape Nov 2020 #9
If Biden loses tomorrow, all hell will break loose ansible Nov 2020 #10
Starting with millions of nervous breakdowns marlakay Nov 2020 #11
You mean they call it for Trump before Tuesday midnight? Which would mean there's a certified vote? Ford_Prefect Nov 2020 #12
Anyone. quakerboy Nov 2020 #16
Very strange, I saw one office entrance 3rd Ave in midtown being boarded up at about 4pm. I see no c-rational Nov 2020 #13
"Beginning on January 20th, 2017, safety will be restored." keithbvadu2 Nov 2020 #14
Never seen that happen. JohnnyRingo Nov 2020 #15
As an outsider, may I ask . . . Aussie105 Nov 2020 #18
I'll take Vanilla ISIS for $200 Alex. nt live love laugh Nov 2020 #22
They expect large groups of people out on the streets Klaralven Nov 2020 #24
Here in Raleigh, the capital of NC, mnhtnbb Nov 2020 #21
He certainly has made America great hasn't he? cwydro Nov 2020 #23
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