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52. Interestingly, there was no senior super-dose
Wed Oct 28, 2020, 09:17 PM
Oct 2020

available and I was told there might not be the rest of the winter. So I demured, called around, and found the pharmacy was correct: none in the county. So I went back a few days later (last week) and said I'd have whatever was available.

We just got the super-duper senior one in! Woot!

So I'm pumped with vaccine.

Yes. My arm hurt during my sleep, though. Goodheart Oct 2020 #1
Yes, got it about a month ago. W_HAMILTON Oct 2020 #2
got mine at my drs office a while back. AllaN01Bear Oct 2020 #3
August 30 hlthe2b Oct 2020 #4
Had it taken care of in early September. bullwinkle428 Oct 2020 #5
Got the senior flu shot in early October. It was painless this year. Raven Oct 2020 #6
Yes! spinbaby Oct 2020 #7
Got mine Monday during my annual dr. visit. MoonRiver Oct 2020 #8
Pharmacist True Blue American Oct 2020 #14
Yep! Hubs and I went to the CVS clinic Alliepoo Oct 2020 #9
Yup Sherman A1 Oct 2020 #10
Yes, Earlier this month. dubyadiprecession Oct 2020 #11
indeed! from my nearby Walgreen. Painless (physically and $$$ wise) NRaleighLiberal Oct 2020 #12
Yep! Trueblue Texan Oct 2020 #13
Yes and a pneumonia shot als Hobo Oct 2020 #15
Yes, same here. Got both shots at the same time. smirkymonkey Oct 2020 #51
Yes get the red out Oct 2020 #16
Got mine yesterday JHB Oct 2020 #17
Yes, Sept. 19 at CVS. One less thing to worry about! Tanuki Oct 2020 #18
Got mine yesterday! Dave in VA Oct 2020 #19
Wife and I both got ours last Thursday nt PRETZEL Oct 2020 #20
Yes In_The_Wind Oct 2020 #21
Got it in September at Walgreen's and took my mother with me. octoberlib Oct 2020 #22
Yes Gothmog Oct 2020 #23
Yup Karma13612 Oct 2020 #24
Yes, got it yesterday. Got the high octane seniors shot and justhanginon Oct 2020 #25
My wife and I got the shots about three weeks ago Chainfire Oct 2020 #26
Getting mine tomorrow at the VA. SKKY Oct 2020 #27
Walking out of the store after getting mine right now Varaddem Oct 2020 #28
Yes, on October 6. MineralMan Oct 2020 #29
Yes! ColoradoBlue Oct 2020 #30
Yes at a drive through flu shot location. nt FeelingBlue Oct 2020 #31
Got mine a couple of weeks ago. peacefreak2.0 Oct 2020 #32
2 weeks ago catrose Oct 2020 #33
Yes and $10 discount also got pneumonia vac FloridaBlues Oct 2020 #34
A while back Mossfern Oct 2020 #35
Yes. nt tblue37 Oct 2020 #36
Sure did. phylny Oct 2020 #37
Done...nt Wounded Bear Oct 2020 #38
Late September Dem2 Oct 2020 #39
Yup! Proud Liberal Dem Oct 2020 #40
Got mine a couple of weeks ago at my Doctor's office Green Line Oct 2020 #41
Got mine today! myccrider Oct 2020 #42
Sure did...last Friday. nt cry baby Oct 2020 #43
WAITING for our pharm to get its supply! We're 14 and 15 on the list! I call the pham every other CTyankee Oct 2020 #44
I sure did Danmel Oct 2020 #45
Done grantcart Oct 2020 #46
Yup - on 9/9. Good to go. Totally Tunsie Oct 2020 #47
Yes. nt Ilsa Oct 2020 #48
Yes. trackfan Oct 2020 #49
Yes, a week ago this past Monday. Fla Dem Oct 2020 #50
Interestingly, there was no senior super-dose moonscape Oct 2020 #52
Yes, on October 9 GreenEyedLefty Oct 2020 #53
I can't. I react. Badly * MurrayDelph Oct 2020 #54
Those of us who do get the flu shot help protect you Lars39 Oct 2020 #55
Thank you MurrayDelph Oct 2020 #58
Yep. n/t area51 Oct 2020 #56
September tavernier Oct 2020 #57
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