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Change to #3 and you be good to go..tks btw.. asiliveandbreathe Oct 2020 #1
Just did and thanks! phylny Oct 2020 #4
Joe! Butt in! Cut him off at the pass! sprinkleeninow Oct 2020 #2
I'm enjoying this stevil Oct 2020 #3
Good one, joe electric_blue68 Oct 2020 #5
Question to Trump about separating families MissB Oct 2020 #6
Joe is doing very well phylny Oct 2020 #7
Immigration Mossfern Oct 2020 #8
JOE IS ROCKING IT!!!!!!!!!!! secondwind Oct 2020 #9
Biden wants to do a facepalm BumRushDaShow Oct 2020 #10
Pictures that says it all flibbitygiblets Oct 2020 #11
Great photo..thx for sharing! Pretty much tells the story Thekaspervote Oct 2020 #18
Are Trump's cheeks thinning from the steroids? He looks strange. nt Boogiemack Oct 2020 #50
Plan to reunite the kids is with his healthcare plan and his income taxes. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2020 #12
Biden pointing out that the government separated the kids at the border MissB Oct 2020 #13
There's a map that shows you how LITTLE wall electric_blue68 Oct 2020 #14
Glad she's able to ignore Trumps "who built the cages" question Mossfern Oct 2020 #15
OMG, the children taken away from their parents are in "very nice facilities." phylny Oct 2020 #16
Do they have really nice showers too? MissB Oct 2020 #20
Nope. Not 400 miles of NEW walls TexasBushwhacker Oct 2020 #17
OMG he sounds like Alec Baldwin doing him BumRushDaShow Oct 2020 #19
They plan to "take" the House -- that would end any option of expanding the Supreme Court. live love laugh Oct 2020 #21
538 chances NJCher Oct 2020 #76
Thank you! live love laugh Oct 2020 #103
Joe is steady as a rock. Very good performance. underpants Oct 2020 #22
I thought catch and releas Mossfern Oct 2020 #23
That, too. 🙂 electric_blue68 Oct 2020 #29
also neutering or spaying cats NJCher Oct 2020 #41
did Biden diss Obama? Demonaut Oct 2020 #24
I didn't take it that way. phylny Oct 2020 #34
makes sense, thanks Demonaut Oct 2020 #40
Trump Mossfern Oct 2020 #25
What does he think the Vice President is responsible for? TexasBushwhacker Oct 2020 #26
Perry mason MissB Oct 2020 #27
What the hell is littlemissmartypants Oct 2020 #28
Race in America MissB Oct 2020 #30
UNACCOMPANIED children were put in cages by Obama secondwind Oct 2020 #31
This should be interesting. . . littlemissmartypants Oct 2020 #32
He went back to murderers and rapists... tinrobot Oct 2020 #33
Oh, but he didn't want to say it...but he said it! phylny Oct 2020 #36
and added that "low IQ people are the ones who come back" (after being deported) flibbitygiblets Oct 2020 #39
Another segment of our society - way to go pos..wow is right... asiliveandbreathe Oct 2020 #48
Next up: Race in America, and having to have "the talk" with your children flibbitygiblets Oct 2020 #35
For 6 of those 8 years Karma13612 Oct 2020 #37
Moderator asks Biden to speak directly to the camera and talk to MissB Oct 2020 #38
Well apparently no one "with the POSSIBLE exception of Lincoln" has done more for black people flibbitygiblets Oct 2020 #49
A woman I know her son was killed by Akron police Marthe48 Oct 2020 #65
Trumps answer Mossfern Oct 2020 #42
Trump says he understands and then starts verbally attacking biden MissB Oct 2020 #43
Mango Mussolini just said Lifelong Protester Oct 2020 #44
No one has done more for African Americans than Trump... phylny Oct 2020 #45
All so sadly true! electric_blue68 Oct 2020 #46
No one has done more or better than anyone but Donald Trump Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2020 #47
Ding! Ding! Ding! electric_blue68 Oct 2020 #51
I'm so glad Joe mentioned littlemissmartypants Oct 2020 #52
Oh, I want to punch him in the face! n/t EndlessWire Oct 2020 #53
MUTE!!!! Mossfern Oct 2020 #54
I think Drumph took out a full page ad about the CP5! electric_blue68 Oct 2020 #55
No "thinking" about it-he sure did Dread Pirate Roberts Oct 2020 #92
Joe Biden addressing the camera now, to great effect fishwax Oct 2020 #56
I think Drumph took out a full page ad about the CP5! electric_blue68 Oct 2020 #57
Yes edhopper Oct 2020 #61
Oh, I knew it was bad! Couldn't remember details. electric_blue68 Oct 2020 #71
Gotcha question to Trump Mossfern Oct 2020 #58
Asking Trump about contributing to a climate of hate and racial strife flibbitygiblets Oct 2020 #59
Donnie brought out all the classics tonight? Brainfodder Oct 2020 #60
he is very skilled at propaganda mucifer Oct 2020 #70
Seems that Biden's mic is muted but Trump's never is. Efilroft Sul Oct 2020 #62
+1 uponit7771 Oct 2020 #79
I, I, I, blah blah blah blah littlemissmartypants Oct 2020 #63
Least racist person... riiiiight. tinrobot Oct 2020 #64
Oh I'm sure plenty MAGATs use the same line about themselves too lunasun Oct 2020 #75
I am the least racist ... I can't even see the audience because it's so dark ... but I am the least fishwax Oct 2020 #66
In other words - It's so dark, I can't see the dark people. tinrobot Oct 2020 #83
Trump liar thank you Joe lunasun Oct 2020 #67
Where did Abraham Lincoln come in? Trump, you brought him up! phylny Oct 2020 #68
Unhinged Mossfern Oct 2020 #69
Joe laughing at donnie's inability to grasp the basics of english language usage fishwax Oct 2020 #72
Yeah, the president of the united states hates me cause of the color of my skin. uponit7771 Oct 2020 #73
"Abraham Lincoln" here is the most racist presidents we've had in modern history" flibbitygiblets Oct 2020 #74
I'm so tired of Trump's baiting. phylny Oct 2020 #77
Oh, jeeeez STFU, you RACIST POS! electric_blue68 Oct 2020 #78
Finally Mossfern Oct 2020 #80
Took the air right out of the room. Perfect response, perfectly responded. phylny Oct 2020 #81
Dumbshit Trump wants to bring coal jobs back Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2020 #82
I don't see anything tRump has done for Blacks. EndlessWire Oct 2020 #84
Climate change Mossfern Oct 2020 #85
I feel sorry for the fact checkers. littlemissmartypants Oct 2020 #86
I was so glad when Trump kept asking Joe why he & Obama didn't get things changed dflprincess Oct 2020 #87
And looking straight at the camera when he said it Mersky Oct 2020 #90
This is boring. nt DURHAM D Oct 2020 #88
Dump: Why didn't you do anything in 8 years? Biden: We had a republican congress flibbitygiblets Oct 2020 #89
Should have answered "Mitch McConnell" Retrograde Oct 2020 #105
Trump is smirking Mossfern Oct 2020 #91
Climate Change up next flibbitygiblets Oct 2020 #93
Drump's fawning "care" about "young black men" is disgusting!!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠 electric_blue68 Oct 2020 #94
Yeah, he cared so much about them he wanted execute 5 innocent ones. nt Boogiemack Oct 2020 #97
Bringing up "AOC" Mossfern Oct 2020 #95
I'd like to see him behind one of those, littlemissmartypants Oct 2020 #101
**** unOfficial Debate Thread #4 ***** phylny Oct 2020 #96
Fumes coming up from these massive windmills Mossfern Oct 2020 #98
Windmill fumes??? Arkansas Granny Oct 2020 #99
Windmill fumes Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2020 #100
Trump has outlined no plans for another term. He has relied purely on attack and lies. The emmaverybo Oct 2020 #102
Priebus thinks Trump was *charming*??? EndlessWire Oct 2020 #104
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