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10. The word "Karma" is nearly always misused
Sat Oct 3, 2020, 10:16 AM
Oct 2020

The widely used word "Karma" is nearly always misused. Most people when speaking of karma are actually referring to results, not actions.

However the root meaning of the Sanskrit word is "action". We all, as the subject, do action; we all act expecting results.
Few people do actions while expecting no results; near no one does action knowing the results will be unwanted.
We all are also the objects, receiving the actions of the world and others upon us; then we become reactive.

Karma is action and results occur; this is science. Results are of two types, the seen and the unseen.
And of two types in this way too, there are results beneficial to the actor and results not beneficial.
Most of the time people use the word karma to speak about the moral-ethical results of our actions.
There is an implied understanding of an invisible order, a moral balance.

Just as the physical world includes indisputable invisible gravity as part of the total order, people assume an orderly moral world exists also.
God is not a required conceptual premise for belief in ethics.
Societies make laws because orderly morality is a given. It is baked into the realm of the orderly as much as is gravity.
Children and animals express built-in understanding of compassion and fairness.

Karma is not moral retribution. Karma is the unstoppable truth that those who repeatedly choose to act in ways that oppose the the truth, will fall. Karma exists not as satisfaction of the human need for vengeance but rather as the universal need for balance.
It is just science.

Ibid: Taoism, Vedanta, Quantum
Caution: compassion and balance may appear differently on different screens. Users results may vary.
The author takes no responsibility for misuse by others.

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