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14. rant/on I would suggest you buy a clue, because you apparently haven't been paying SERIOUS attention
Wed Sep 23, 2020, 11:59 PM
Sep 2020

To start with, all this shit is not going to convince Democrats to not vote. That is bullshit, a republican talking point. THEY want us to give up, and will do everything to convince us it is a lost cause. We are PISSED TO THE MAX. We ARE going to crawl over the proverbial broken glass, to vote.

Then look at the ballots. There are two ways for there to be ballots. Electronic, and real/paper.

If you think Putin and his intelligence/computer hackers haven't figured a way to work the electronic vote, you probably still believe the russians only broke into to two US states' electronic voter systems/databases during the 2016 election. We now know they targeted ALL 50 states, with varying degrees of success. Only THEY know if they obtained info on how to actually do real damage. But we can probably safely assume they are WAY ahead of us in that arena. They have had 4 years to hone their abilities. What have WE been doing, other than to say "that's not possible". And how has THAT tactic worked for us so far?

As far as mail-in ballots, DeJoy wasn't put there for shits and giggles. He did what he needed to do. Yes the courts said stop. Yes the courts said to undo the damage.

What has he actually done? Nothing. No destroyed mail routers have been re-assembled. Mail is still backed up.

We are now aware of this and know what to look out for, but to blithely infer that everything will be ok, is ludicrous. It will NOT be a free and fair election.

The question is how to address THAT little detail.

Sure, we must GOTV, and be very wary. The party should have lawyers and counter-poll watchers in every polling location. We must be on maximum alert for any and every possible way of cheating, suppression, intimidation.

But after all the electronic votes are tallied, they still are reported electronically to state voting headquarters. NO ONE knows what can be done to those little electron data bits by hackers who have been training YEARS for this very scenario. Will the final votes going into the states' total tallies be compared to each and every individual touch screen/scanner? Too many assume that "those numbers can't be altered". There should be obvious discrepancies if the numbers don't match. I am afraid we won't even check until it is too late.

No. I am NOT believing this election is going to be anywhere close to "free" and "fair".

And we have to be prepared for whatever comes after the steal.

So what are his latest outrages?

Bypass the ballots, go to the supreme court. A court he is using every ounce of leverage he has, to stack.

Force republican state legislatures to "fix" the electors, so he will win.

Then of course there is his "piece de resistance", working his knuckledragging, racist, white supremacists supporters into a frenzy, causing them to take to the streets and TAKE OVER THIS COUNTRY. (While we democrats sit idly by, with great wailing and gnashing of teeth, wringing our cowardly hands... because we are...... COWARDS)

OK. You win. Nothing to worry about.


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