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10. fucking with it around the margins would be plenty effective in the event of a Florida 2000 scenario
Wed Sep 23, 2020, 10:55 PM
Sep 2020

But you're absolutely right that nobody should let the prospect of that keep them from voting. It's all the more reason to get out there and make sure we deliver a clear repudiation of this corrupt and indecent administration.

The other issue at play in a story like this, and the other reason that it's worth covering, is that even if trump's efforts to discredit the election fail in the legal sense and biden is installed, the crap that he would pull would provide more fodder to a certain segment of the right which has become increasingly comfortable with engaging in disruptive and violent tactics against people they see as their enemies. And that elevates a particular social disorder/chaos that isn't going to go away immediately once Biden is inaugurated. And that's a problem. It becomes an even bigger problem if elected republican party officials are willing to explicitly or tacitly support the attempts to undermine the results. That prospect is much likelier in a closely contested election. If, on the other hand, Biden gets a 100+ EV margin and a significant popular vote margin, and the likes of Joni Ernst and Dan Sullivan and David Perdue and (god willing!) Lindsey Graham are sent packing, then there's not nearly as much cover for such fringe voices to emerge into the mainstream.

Which, again of course, is all the more reason to vote (and DONATE!) so that, as you say, we can march "On to election day and onward to a Biden presidency!"

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