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In reply to the discussion: I got my flu shot [View all]
I got my flu shot [View all] boston bean Sep 2020 OP
You should consider adding an option for those who got the old folks' version. mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2020 #1
I got mine at CVS. dhol82 Sep 2020 #7
One week Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #9
It's there for the asking. Not bothering was my primary care practitioner's (PCP's) recommendation. mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2020 #11
How did your practitioner test your immune system? Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #12
I'm a senior & received my vaccine @ Safeway yesterday. Kroeger's typically also gives them. Illumination Sep 2020 #18
October 7 is flu shot day. luvs2sing Sep 2020 #2
It's also missing a pretty huge chunk of time. bearsfootball516 Sep 2020 #3
You should be getting it by early October. boston bean Sep 2020 #6
Don't forget that it takes several weeks to be effective after the vaccination... Illumination Sep 2020 #19
2 weeks Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #28
I will get mine today. ProudMNDemocrat Sep 2020 #4
ABSODAMNLUTELY! Friends who call me know they'd better be prepared to say they have or are about to hlthe2b Sep 2020 #5
got it last Friday 9/11 - nt Jersey Devil Sep 2020 #8
My town is setting up drive through flu shots. Tracer Sep 2020 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author Illumination Sep 2020 #13
No. H2O Man Sep 2020 #14
Never took one before yesterday & I'm 65+. It's important this year to get one added to the Illumination Sep 2020 #20
Same here. I do not get the flu. Therefore, I do not get the flu shot. ARPad95 Sep 2020 #37
Until you do get the flu Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #39
The older you get Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #40
That's true. H2O Man Sep 2020 #50
Ok Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #52
Same here. nt Raine Sep 2020 #51
Not yet. I get mine based on the VA availability... Wounded Bear Sep 2020 #15
Now is the time. It takes two weeks for the vaccine to be effective after you receive the Illumination Sep 2020 #21
My Doctor said to wait until October because it is only effective for about 6 months grantcart Sep 2020 #47
No, but I wear a mask everywhere Polybius Sep 2020 #16
You might want to ask your doctor about that theory...I wear a mask & a face shield & received Illumination Sep 2020 #24
It's not a theory Polybius Sep 2020 #25
Flu vaccine is not a 100 % effective either. LisaL Sep 2020 #30
I feel the same. LisaL Sep 2020 #29
Ditto, and I have been taking personal hygeine very seriously for more than a decade, Ms. Toad Sep 2020 #32
Your mask protects others RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #33
They are Polybius Sep 2020 #36
Thank god for blue areas. RhodeIslandOne Sep 2020 #38
Walked to Safeway yesterday. They actually have a medical room where they administered the Illumination Sep 2020 #17
Isn't it a bit early? Nt TheFarseer Sep 2020 #22
Planning on going on Tuesday 9/22 SoonerPride Sep 2020 #23
It will be interesting to see if more people get the flu shot this year than in the past. PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2020 #26
As the first person to click the "I can't receive" button MurrayDelph Sep 2020 #27
3 to 6 million Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #41
Herd immunity from flu, not Covid MurrayDelph Sep 2020 #46
It's not available here until late October. EllieBC Sep 2020 #31
A little early? BGBD Sep 2020 #34
I think this year is different. I believe they are suggesting to get it earlier Vivienne235729 Sep 2020 #35
The extra Boost senior shot Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #43
The last time I got a flu shot I ended up with Bell's Palsy Blue_Adept Sep 2020 #42
Did a licensed physician Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #44
They couldn't guarantee that's where it comes from as Bell's Blue_Adept Sep 2020 #45
usually there's only a problem if you're allergic to eggs Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #49
and I got my pneumonia. about 10 years ago got a bad case of pneumonia nearly died progressive nobody Sep 2020 #48
Getting my flu shot on Tuesday ChazII Sep 2020 #53
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