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22. A touching story.
Tue Sep 15, 2020, 10:59 PM
Sep 2020

But try to ignore Trump.

He is desperate, facing election defeat and trying to see some way out of a situation he cannot control.
In his present state of senile dementia his only coping mechanism is to lash out at everyone.

That gravestone picture. There will be a long line of Americans willing to personally 'water' the headstone and the ground.

God Bless You Brother pdxflyboy Sep 2020 #1
You speak for many. JohnnyLib2 Sep 2020 #2
+ 1. nt iluvtennis Sep 2020 #25
+100000 AZ8theist Sep 2020 #42
Thank you, Jack. crickets Sep 2020 #3
Always consider the source. To be admired by Trump indicates the recipient is some sort of immoral Karadeniz Sep 2020 #4
Right there with you, Brother. Stinky The Clown Sep 2020 #5
Amen! Well said, brother FakeNoose Sep 2020 #6
K & R Hulk Sep 2020 #10
This is positive thinking @ it's best!... Illumination Sep 2020 #20
Love it. nt iluvtennis Sep 2020 #26
Made my day!!! colorado_ufo Sep 2020 #48
K & R. nt okaawhatever Sep 2020 #7
Please consider submitting this OP as a Letter to the Editor... Laffy Kat Sep 2020 #8
I thought the same thing the second I finished reading it. Dem2theMax Sep 2020 #13
I thought this too leighbythesea2 Sep 2020 #15
NYT/Wash Post/ LA times zipplewrath Sep 2020 #51
Yes Kat, I will do that. Jack-o-Lantern Sep 2020 #9
Thank you for your witness MaryMagdaline Sep 2020 #11
Thank you for posting this. democrank Sep 2020 #12
As MM says, thank you for your witness Hekate Sep 2020 #14
Hearing your story brings tears to my eyes. All the sacrifices & lives lost doing what's Illumination Sep 2020 #16
K&R .. respect PoliWrangler Sep 2020 #17
Very powerful, very real. panader0 Sep 2020 #18
Nice and speaknow Sep 2020 #19
DU rec... SidDithers Sep 2020 #21
A touching story. Aussie105 Sep 2020 #22
Ya know what? colorado_ufo Sep 2020 #49
BOOM oldsoftie Sep 2020 #52
Thank You. TallMike Sep 2020 #23
There with you. Didn't serve in country but when asked I answered. flamin lib Sep 2020 #24
Thank you for your service MustLoveBeagles Sep 2020 #27
As did I Jamesm9164 Sep 2020 #28
Thank you Larissa Sep 2020 #29
Thank You! BadGimp Sep 2020 #30
Thanks for your story and the good work! burrowowl Sep 2020 #31
I hope when he's detained serving his life sentence before that Lock him up. Sep 2020 #32
The further the ruling class gets away from war, the more they worship it Withywindle Sep 2020 #33
So it goes, homes. MrScorpio Sep 2020 #34
My own experiences as an Infantry Platoon Leader showed me the same waste you saw Victor_c3 Sep 2020 #35
Thank you for your service... Freedomofspeech Sep 2020 #36
...and after he is in the ground rotting.... Grins Sep 2020 #37
Whoa. Talk about perspective... sarchasm Sep 2020 #38
No doubt. People will be dancing in the streets when Trumpy is gone. PatrickforO Sep 2020 #39
K&R Blue Owl Sep 2020 #40
Amen! Texin Sep 2020 #41
100% share your sentiment Dukkha Sep 2020 #43
My heart breaks each day for this. peacebuzzard Sep 2020 #44
K&R! ProfessorGAC Sep 2020 #45
Thank you for your service. My nephew picked up where you left off. Frustratedlady Sep 2020 #46
As part of a family whose members served in Vietnam, I now have tears in my eyes. Paper Roses Sep 2020 #47
You have written this so well KT2000 Sep 2020 #50
I simply cannot not respond to the comments. Jamesm9164 Sep 2020 #53
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