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37. I pull mine down around my neck
Thu Sep 3, 2020, 08:34 PM
Sep 2020

which I can do because I make ear buddies...a piece of fabric with buttons.

I hang it on the direction indicator lever. nt LAS14 Sep 2020 #1
If I hang it anywhere in my car NewJeffCT Sep 2020 #33
I voted Other. On the passenger seat, of course! CTyankee Sep 2020 #2
A good choice as long as you don't have any passengers. TexasTowelie Sep 2020 #9
Then they gotta hold it! CTyankee Sep 2020 #12
Great now I can't vote Midnightwalk Sep 2020 #11
Shift lever.... spanone Sep 2020 #3
I wear my facemask when I drive... orwell Sep 2020 #4
My work N95 I keep in a paper bag and wear it for a total of 8 hours my person procedure mask mucifer Sep 2020 #5
Never even thought to do that. jimfields33 Sep 2020 #6
Same here, I keep mine in my purse marlakay Sep 2020 #31
Honestly I think your doing good. jimfields33 Sep 2020 #41
On the passenger seat while driving, on the mirror when I pull into driveway. MerryBlooms Sep 2020 #7
On the turn signal lever... n/t Still Sensible Sep 2020 #8
My husband hangs his on his rearview mirror when he parks at home csziggy Sep 2020 #10
Well, it looks like I'm going to get some unusual stories with this thread. TexasTowelie Sep 2020 #18
The UV from the sunlight does sanitize it down here I the summer and the heat probably does also. LiberalArkie Sep 2020 #22
Windshields block 98%+ of all forms of UV light. Codeine Sep 2020 #27
That should be fine then.. I only need one of the backups about 1 time a month. LiberalArkie Sep 2020 #29
Also, the UVC is almost entirely filtered out by the atmosphere (ozone). sl8 Sep 2020 #39
UVc is the germicide. Codeine Sep 2020 #40
I had always thought that all UVC was dangerous to humans, until a couple of months ago. sl8 Sep 2020 #42
I use the gear shift in my Prius. jalan48 Sep 2020 #13
I keep mine in the console between the two front seats. Karadeniz Sep 2020 #14
My face mask hangs around my neck in the car. I sew my own face masks with a color coordinated ARPad95 Sep 2020 #15
Mine is in my purse or Bettie Sep 2020 #16
I started out hanging mine on the rear view mirror until one of my brothers Blue_true Sep 2020 #17
I hang it on my right ear. madaboutharry Sep 2020 #19
I do that a lot. Codeine Sep 2020 #23
"I ride my bike or walk so I don't have anywhere to hang my facemask." NT mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2020 #20
Dang it, TexasTowelie Sep 2020 #30
I have about 5 strung on my gearshift. dawg day Sep 2020 #21
What else are all those cup holders for? Klaralven Sep 2020 #24
Hanging things from the mirror is super-irresponsible Codeine Sep 2020 #25
In a hook in the kitchen. qwlauren35 Sep 2020 #26
I don't hang anything on my rearview mirror, unless my car is parked. GoCubsGo Sep 2020 #28
I hang my face masks from my car radio knob. marybourg Sep 2020 #32
Why would anyone obstruct their view of the road? Generic Brad Sep 2020 #34
Never on mirror SheltieLover Sep 2020 #35
Oh dear. cwydro Sep 2020 #36
I pull mine down around my neck stillcool Sep 2020 #37
Gear shift or passenger seat. sheshe2 Sep 2020 #38
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