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22. I worry that the reaction "this is illegal," will inhibit new mail-in voters from...
Thu Sep 3, 2020, 10:04 AM
Sep 2020

... tracking their ballots and going to their polling places in person if they believe (whether correctly or mistakenly) that their mail in ballot was not counted. It's not illegal to submit a provisional ballot or to show up at the polling place to see if you're already checked off.

I sometimes have difficulty remembering if I got my flu shot. I can imagine wondering if I really did send in that mail in ballot.

It's OK to go to the polling place to be sure you're counted.

The good guys and gals North Shore Chicago Sep 2020 #1
No respect for the law. gademocrat7 Sep 2020 #2
Only way he can win.....voter fraud ashredux Sep 2020 #3
I already posted on our local right wing web site, gab13by13 Sep 2020 #4
Hell, go for the gusto and ronatchig Sep 2020 #6
Vote twice for Trump bucolic_frolic Sep 2020 #7
Great - except it won't happen that way FakeNoose Sep 2020 #14
Trump will lose again, the only question being will he cheat enough to win this time too? /nt bucolic_frolic Sep 2020 #5
The republicans have thought this coup through. They will flood some states with fake ballots. johnthewoodworker Sep 2020 #8
You're right of course. It even has a chance of succeeding. Native Sep 2020 #11
Law of unintended consequences markbark Sep 2020 #9
LOL interesting perspective onetexan Sep 2020 #10
Question idziak4ever1234 Sep 2020 #12
My first thought too. Doubtful in my mind, where I live in TX, the system is so Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2020 #13
OK- So this is potentially a disaster in a potential swing state. idziak4ever1234 Sep 2020 #15
IMHO, yes. Ok, it's a federal crime to try it, but it Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2020 #24
In another thread, Gothmog said that in Texas Maeve Sep 2020 #30
Actually, it's pretty easy Maeve Sep 2020 #20
Easy in Ohio? What about everywhere else? Could be different right? Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2020 #25
Most states have similar systems Maeve Sep 2020 #29
Ohio poll worker, here--The board of elections flags those who have requested an absentee ballot Maeve Sep 2020 #17
That is encouraging. Thank you for sharing that! idziak4ever1234 Sep 2020 #18
Need to require signed statement that they have not/will not cast a mail-in ballot Sucha NastyWoman Sep 2020 #16
Here is how it works peanuthead Sep 2020 #19
Do you know if it is prohibited to mail-in plus try to vote in person at the polls? Danascot Sep 2020 #21
Yes it is illegal, of course - if you are trying to deceive them. lagomorph777 Sep 2020 #23
I worry that the reaction "this is illegal," will inhibit new mail-in voters from... LAS14 Sep 2020 #22
So you are saying it might be a good idea for us to Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2020 #26
It's described in the Mass voting web site. I'm not suggesting... LAS14 Sep 2020 #27
I'm sure Trump will pay the legal fees for any arrested for this crime. JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2020 #28
You mean you're only supposed to vote once? Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #31
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