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The good guys and gals North Shore Chicago Sep 2020 #1
No respect for the law. gademocrat7 Sep 2020 #2
Only way he can win.....voter fraud ashredux Sep 2020 #3
I already posted on our local right wing web site, gab13by13 Sep 2020 #4
Hell, go for the gusto and ronatchig Sep 2020 #6
Vote twice for Trump bucolic_frolic Sep 2020 #7
Great - except it won't happen that way FakeNoose Sep 2020 #14
Trump will lose again, the only question being will he cheat enough to win this time too? /nt bucolic_frolic Sep 2020 #5
The republicans have thought this coup through. They will flood some states with fake ballots. johnthewoodworker Sep 2020 #8
You're right of course. It even has a chance of succeeding. Native Sep 2020 #11
Law of unintended consequences markbark Sep 2020 #9
LOL interesting perspective onetexan Sep 2020 #10
Question idziak4ever1234 Sep 2020 #12
My first thought too. Doubtful in my mind, where I live in TX, the system is so Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2020 #13
OK- So this is potentially a disaster in a potential swing state. idziak4ever1234 Sep 2020 #15
IMHO, yes. Ok, it's a federal crime to try it, but it Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2020 #24
In another thread, Gothmog said that in Texas Maeve Sep 2020 #30
Actually, it's pretty easy Maeve Sep 2020 #20
Easy in Ohio? What about everywhere else? Could be different right? Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2020 #25
Most states have similar systems Maeve Sep 2020 #29
Ohio poll worker, here--The board of elections flags those who have requested an absentee ballot Maeve Sep 2020 #17
That is encouraging. Thank you for sharing that! idziak4ever1234 Sep 2020 #18
Need to require signed statement that they have not/will not cast a mail-in ballot Sucha NastyWoman Sep 2020 #16
Here is how it works peanuthead Sep 2020 #19
Do you know if it is prohibited to mail-in plus try to vote in person at the polls? Danascot Sep 2020 #21
Yes it is illegal, of course - if you are trying to deceive them. lagomorph777 Sep 2020 #23
I worry that the reaction "this is illegal," will inhibit new mail-in voters from... LAS14 Sep 2020 #22
So you are saying it might be a good idea for us to Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2020 #26
It's described in the Mass voting web site. I'm not suggesting... LAS14 Sep 2020 #27
I'm sure Trump will pay the legal fees for any arrested for this crime. JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2020 #28
You mean you're only supposed to vote once? Cosmo Blues Sep 2020 #31
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