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24. If this is for real it is DISGUSTING!
Thu Aug 27, 2020, 07:05 PM
Aug 2020

I say 'if this is for real' because, how in the hell can this be?
What sort of 'mother' is this? Inculcating her son with this military persona crap. I read that she drove him up there. What in the hell? I really hope this is not true. How do such whack jobs exist. at the peril of others. I really want to shelter in place more than ever, and not merely from the fricken virus!

That explains a lot about her son. No Vested Interest Aug 2020 #1
She seems nice. Nevilledog Aug 2020 #2
ROFL at the timing of all these malaise Aug 2020 #22
We thought so. Nevilledog Aug 2020 #23
She seems nice. Dream Girl Aug 2020 #3
She seem nice IggleDuer Aug 2020 #4
Jesus - the kid never had a chance ribrepin Aug 2020 #5
Kick dalton99a Aug 2020 #6
Complicit... regnaD kciN Aug 2020 #7
this all the way RT Atlanta Aug 2020 #11
That is sad. CentralMass Aug 2020 #8
K&R musette_sf Aug 2020 #9
This!👆 SheltieLover Aug 2020 #16
Hopefully, jeopardy awaits. dchill Aug 2020 #10
Is this real? demmiblue Aug 2020 #12
A normal mother would be grieving and guilt-ridden. She is probably ecstatic about her son did. LonePirate Aug 2020 #13
O.M.G. Alliepoo Aug 2020 #14
Spent all her money on guns and ammo for herself and her charming offspring, The Velveteen Ocelot Aug 2020 #15
! ornotna Aug 2020 #17
priorities man! lol Thomas Hurt Aug 2020 #20
Seriously? 3catwoman3 Aug 2020 #18
A family that fascisms together. . . nt Codeine Aug 2020 #19
The apple does not fall from the tree it seems. ProudMNDemocrat Aug 2020 #21
If this is for real it is DISGUSTING! consider_this Aug 2020 #24
That's just nasty. Can't wait to see what her prison dating profile looks like. TheBlackAdder Aug 2020 #25
sheesh! if that's really her? She'e dressed like some half-ass nazi rockfordfile Aug 2020 #26
I don't quite get it. What are we supposed to do with this pic? Hav Aug 2020 #27
Special Forces - Seal Team Six - Sniper Division magicarpet Aug 2020 #28
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