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15. Bless you for including Robb.
Fri Aug 21, 2020, 12:02 AM
Aug 2020

My late sister SmileyRose loved that option. I voted Robb for her. Bless you Robb.

My opinion for a Biden win is 50/50. There are too many cheat to win hijinks. I want to believe they will be caught and neutralized but Republicans left cheating behind them and turned traitor.

In a fair election we can't lose.

Where do I select "eleven" ? C_U_L8R Aug 2020 #1
That's a good feeling! GreenPartyVoter Aug 2020 #2
It's the best, but one higher. C_U_L8R Aug 2020 #4
True!! GreenPartyVoter Aug 2020 #14
If the vote is fair, Republicans will get destroyed. Flaleftist Aug 2020 #3
I think that would have been true. GreenPartyVoter Aug 2020 #6
I think republicon FoxNewsSucks Aug 2020 #5
Yes, it is very serious. I worry quite a bit about it. GreenPartyVoter Aug 2020 #7
We can win big if we do the necessary work struggle4progress Aug 2020 #8
Hope so! GreenPartyVoter Aug 2020 #9
We've got this if we vote, and I think we will. Hoyt Aug 2020 #10
I know I will. Can't wait! GreenPartyVoter Aug 2020 #11
Feeling good but quite cautious mvd Aug 2020 #12
Agreed GreenPartyVoter Aug 2020 #13
Bless you for including Robb. KentuckyWoman Aug 2020 #15
Who's Robb? Polybius Aug 2020 #16
Robb was a prolific poster of polls who always included the dingbat option. :) GreenPartyVoter Aug 2020 #20
I can never see a poll without dingbat popping into my brain. :) I agree that in a fair fight we'd GreenPartyVoter Aug 2020 #21
I'm more worried about voter suppression shenanigans bluemoose98 Aug 2020 #17
Yep. Very worried here, too. We've seen it so many times now. GreenPartyVoter Aug 2020 #23
Landslide Sugarcoated Aug 2020 #18
Hope so! GreenPartyVoter Aug 2020 #24
It's all about Florida Awsi Dooger Aug 2020 #19
FiveThirtyEight's current odds are 72 to 27 that Biden wins Klaralven Aug 2020 #22
They had similar odds for Hilary. And look how that turned out. LisaL Aug 2020 #25
Honestly, I am not going to sleep easily until all is said and done. demmiblue Aug 2020 #26
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