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Algernon Moncrieff

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17. I think whoever the pick is will be met with "concern" by Biden opponents
Mon Aug 10, 2020, 02:08 PM
Aug 2020

...given his age, does (fill in the blank) really have the qualifications? Warren does have the age, experience, and gravitas to answer that. That said, I don't think she will be the pick.

Three I wouldn't rule out:

Demings - The Florida connection and the police experience make her a very attractive pick.
Whitmer - Not that Veeps have had a stellar record delivering their states - but Joe needs Michigan.
Duckworth - WOC, disabled Vet, mom, coiner of "Cadet Bonespurs", and Midwesterner. And a safe Senate seat (unlike Warren)

Who do you want Biden to pick for Veep? [View all] Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2020 OP
I like Kamala and Susan, but any of these are acceptable to me. redstatebluegirl Aug 2020 #1
Michelle Obama! broiles Aug 2020 #2
I get the general ides she's not interested Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2020 #5
Both y'all... demmiblue Aug 2020 #7
Michelle Obama! broiles Aug 2020 #3
i would love her too but shes got no experience for Veep.. samnsara Aug 2020 #10
I have a few I like more than others, but I really don't care all that much... demmiblue Aug 2020 #4
Once again-- I DON'T CARE. It's Joe's choice, and I'm good with any of them. TreasonousBastard Aug 2020 #6
Kamala -- she's a fighter LSparkle Aug 2020 #8
im with you.. i want a proven pit bull and Kamala and Val are top of my list.. samnsara Aug 2020 #11
You Do Realize That He Reportedly Interviewed Gretchen Whitmer Last Week sfstaxprep Aug 2020 #9
I used the list in the article Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2020 #13
I don't care Horse with no Name Aug 2020 #12
Does anyone in America who is not a beautician have a parlor? Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2020 #15
It isn't a parlor game, it is the media stoking this. demmiblue Aug 2020 #16
I want TheFarseer Aug 2020 #14
I think whoever the pick is will be met with "concern" by Biden opponents Algernon Moncrieff Aug 2020 #17
Joe Lieberman. Bleacher Creature Aug 2020 #18
Whitmer is apparently on Biden's list, but not on this poll Fiendish Thingy Aug 2020 #19
Rice Awsi Dooger Aug 2020 #20
He was there and Rice was not freelancing. judeling Aug 2020 #24
I kinda just closed my eyes and selected one jorgevlorgan Aug 2020 #21
No gretchen whitmer? jorgevlorgan Aug 2020 #22
Who people on DU want is irrelevant Trumpocalypse Aug 2020 #23
Warren, Abrams, Bass, Rice; all are good... appalachiablue Aug 2020 #25
That the Governor of Michigan is nowhere on this list is telling. Baltimike Aug 2020 #26
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