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Trump killed Herman Cain .... end of story Botany Jul 2020 #1
cain purported to be a brain surgeo.m i assume he knew the risk rampartc Jul 2020 #2
Cain ran a pizza company PJMcK Jul 2020 #4
oops rampartc Jul 2020 #14
I think the death demographic is pivoting Turbineguy Jul 2020 #3
Or more like spreading? Are "essential workers" KPN Jul 2020 #7
Masks are in use more. Turbineguy Jul 2020 #10
Masks are rare in my area, even in businesses that "require" them. Maybe 30%. Midnight Writer Jul 2020 #15
It's a big system with a lot of latency and hysteresis. Turbineguy Jul 2020 #16
and many of those millions are living in a truth-proof bubble. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #17
It's the people who are listening to the science who will turn this around. Turbineguy Jul 2020 #19
There's the silver lining. MAGATS will be culled from the herd. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #20
Okay Trump did offer "prayers" to family of Herman Cain, who died of the "China Virus." yellowcanine Jul 2020 #5
Cain pamdb Jul 2020 #6
Cain was already sick during the Rushmore fiasco. He was reported KPN Jul 2020 #8
Yes Cain made his own choices. But the fact remains that Trump's choices are killing people. yellowcanine Jul 2020 #9
The term for "anti-masker" is "maskhole." lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #18
Haberman still doesn't understand something very elemental. Mike 03 Jul 2020 #11
+1 crickets Jul 2020 #12
This surprises nobody RainCaster Jul 2020 #13
It's not the WH, it's the sadistic thing in the WH. SammyWinstonJack Jul 2020 #21
Well, Cain chose to go to that rally. GoCubsGo Jul 2020 #22
Void of empathy. sarcasmo Jul 2020 #23
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