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53. Leg bone connected to the ass bone, ...
Tue Jul 28, 2020, 05:54 PM
Jul 2020

... ass bone connected to the head bone, ...

So he walks around with his head up his ass.

Hmmm. soothsayer Jul 2020 #1
I see it progressiveforever Jul 2020 #2
His "Depends" are leaking again. Grins Jul 2020 #3
Maybe that's it, he's shaking it down his leg? George II Jul 2020 #6
Wow DUgosh Jul 2020 #4
Peripheral Neuropathy? NightWatcher Jul 2020 #5
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2020 #7
We've seen this before. And another DUer knew what this looked like. Mike 03 Jul 2020 #8
Pinched nerve? Mopar151 Jul 2020 #30
He does the hokey-pokey then the lies come out his mouth... chriscan64 Jul 2020 #9
Perhaps the lift in his shoe that has to endure the weight of the fat f--k! cornball 24 Jul 2020 #10
Other than an actual physical / muscular problem, maybe he's missing the lift in one shoe? George II Jul 2020 #13
Looks like he had a mild stroke by the way he swings his foot to walk. kimbutgar Jul 2020 #11
That is what a DUer with some medical background said. Mike 03 Jul 2020 #16
My Grandfather had a gait like that after his stroke. kimbutgar Jul 2020 #25
My SIL did that after a stroke treestar Jul 2020 #45
I'm not a clinician, but this lay person thinks he had a stroke. yardwork Jul 2020 #58
Quite pronounced. I've done that after hiking in crummy socks. Hoyt Jul 2020 #12
Stroke. Grokenstein Jul 2020 #14
Mild Stroke zipplewrath Jul 2020 #15
That's a gait problem that can occur in dementia dixiegrrrrl Jul 2020 #17
It's attached to an asshole? Lochloosa Jul 2020 #18
It'a attached to a diseased cyst of racism and neuroses (nt) muriel_volestrangler Jul 2020 #19
Please consult TomJChicago on Twitter. Manifestor_of_Light Jul 2020 #20
That's a great Twitter account! Mike 03 Jul 2020 #22
Yes it is! Manifestor_of_Light Jul 2020 #40
DU Doctors! nt USALiberal Jul 2020 #21
Dunno, but I hope the media runs with it. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2020 #23
Looks like foot drop. Often caused by stroke. The twitch out to the side is a way to Squinch Jul 2020 #24
Thanks for the explanation. Mike 03 Jul 2020 #27
His dick fell off, rolled down his pant leg, and is now in his right shoe. magicarpet Jul 2020 #26
We have a winner!!!!! George II Jul 2020 #28
As others have said, this looks like "foot drop" Docreed2003 Jul 2020 #29
+1 DesertRat Jul 2020 #32
Pence has been over humping it, maybe... Wounded Bear Jul 2020 #31
Hahahaha!!!! Talitha Jul 2020 #44
Could be any one of the things mentioned here already, or... GoCubsGo Jul 2020 #33
Good point. 2naSalit Jul 2020 #49
I put nothing past that despicable sack of shit. GoCubsGo Jul 2020 #54
I wouldn't either... 2naSalit Jul 2020 #55
It's all the weight that his legs have to carry. Yavin4 Jul 2020 #34
It's a trick! Don't fall for it! Steelrolled Jul 2020 #35
it can't be a stroke mnmoderatedem Jul 2020 #36
A stroke pandr32 Jul 2020 #37
He was coming down the steps from AF1, a few days ago, and when he got about halfway down, Frustratedlady Jul 2020 #38
It's attached to a racist asshole lame54 Jul 2020 #39
d'Oh! Beat me to it Bucky Jul 2020 #50
The leg has been wonky since the last Walter Reed visit. sarcasmo Jul 2020 #41
It's called the Curly shuffle yna yna yna. nt doc03 Jul 2020 #42
Obligatory context JHB Jul 2020 #52
It would be helpful if someone could Grammy23 Jul 2020 #43
It temporarily became self-aware and realized who it was attached to? JHB Jul 2020 #46
That is some weird shit there, George mcar Jul 2020 #47
It's attached to an asshole Bucky Jul 2020 #48
Leg bone connected to the ass bone, ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jul 2020 #53
I thought his ass bone was connected to his brain bone? George II Jul 2020 #57
Bone spurs acting up? rgbecker Jul 2020 #51
I walk like that JustGene Jul 2020 #56
Kick dalton99a Jul 2020 #59
Yeah. It's attached to an asshole. n/t Whiskeytide Jul 2020 #60
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