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20. Please consult TomJChicago on Twitter.
Tue Jul 28, 2020, 04:04 PM
Jul 2020

He has a lot of info on Frontotemporal lobe dementia, and examples of Trump's mental and physical deficiencies in clips. That's why he stands like an oaf leaning forward, hands limp at sides. He also thinks that last November, when there was an unannounced visit to Walter Reed, Trump probably had a mild stroke.


Hmmm. soothsayer Jul 2020 #1
I see it progressiveforever Jul 2020 #2
His "Depends" are leaking again. Grins Jul 2020 #3
Maybe that's it, he's shaking it down his leg? George II Jul 2020 #6
Wow DUgosh Jul 2020 #4
Peripheral Neuropathy? NightWatcher Jul 2020 #5
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2020 #7
We've seen this before. And another DUer knew what this looked like. Mike 03 Jul 2020 #8
Pinched nerve? Mopar151 Jul 2020 #30
He does the hokey-pokey then the lies come out his mouth... chriscan64 Jul 2020 #9
Perhaps the lift in his shoe that has to endure the weight of the fat f--k! cornball 24 Jul 2020 #10
Other than an actual physical / muscular problem, maybe he's missing the lift in one shoe? George II Jul 2020 #13
Looks like he had a mild stroke by the way he swings his foot to walk. kimbutgar Jul 2020 #11
That is what a DUer with some medical background said. Mike 03 Jul 2020 #16
My Grandfather had a gait like that after his stroke. kimbutgar Jul 2020 #25
My SIL did that after a stroke treestar Jul 2020 #45
I'm not a clinician, but this lay person thinks he had a stroke. yardwork Jul 2020 #58
Quite pronounced. I've done that after hiking in crummy socks. Hoyt Jul 2020 #12
Stroke. Grokenstein Jul 2020 #14
Mild Stroke zipplewrath Jul 2020 #15
That's a gait problem that can occur in dementia dixiegrrrrl Jul 2020 #17
It's attached to an asshole? Lochloosa Jul 2020 #18
It'a attached to a diseased cyst of racism and neuroses (nt) muriel_volestrangler Jul 2020 #19
Please consult TomJChicago on Twitter. Manifestor_of_Light Jul 2020 #20
That's a great Twitter account! Mike 03 Jul 2020 #22
Yes it is! Manifestor_of_Light Jul 2020 #40
DU Doctors! nt USALiberal Jul 2020 #21
Dunno, but I hope the media runs with it. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2020 #23
Looks like foot drop. Often caused by stroke. The twitch out to the side is a way to Squinch Jul 2020 #24
Thanks for the explanation. Mike 03 Jul 2020 #27
His dick fell off, rolled down his pant leg, and is now in his right shoe. magicarpet Jul 2020 #26
We have a winner!!!!! George II Jul 2020 #28
As others have said, this looks like "foot drop" Docreed2003 Jul 2020 #29
+1 DesertRat Jul 2020 #32
Pence has been over humping it, maybe... Wounded Bear Jul 2020 #31
Hahahaha!!!! Talitha Jul 2020 #44
Could be any one of the things mentioned here already, or... GoCubsGo Jul 2020 #33
Good point. 2naSalit Jul 2020 #49
I put nothing past that despicable sack of shit. GoCubsGo Jul 2020 #54
I wouldn't either... 2naSalit Jul 2020 #55
It's all the weight that his legs have to carry. Yavin4 Jul 2020 #34
It's a trick! Don't fall for it! Steelrolled Jul 2020 #35
it can't be a stroke mnmoderatedem Jul 2020 #36
A stroke pandr32 Jul 2020 #37
He was coming down the steps from AF1, a few days ago, and when he got about halfway down, Frustratedlady Jul 2020 #38
It's attached to a racist asshole lame54 Jul 2020 #39
d'Oh! Beat me to it Bucky Jul 2020 #50
The leg has been wonky since the last Walter Reed visit. sarcasmo Jul 2020 #41
It's called the Curly shuffle yna yna yna. nt doc03 Jul 2020 #42
Obligatory context JHB Jul 2020 #52
It would be helpful if someone could Grammy23 Jul 2020 #43
It temporarily became self-aware and realized who it was attached to? JHB Jul 2020 #46
That is some weird shit there, George mcar Jul 2020 #47
It's attached to an asshole Bucky Jul 2020 #48
Leg bone connected to the ass bone, ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jul 2020 #53
I thought his ass bone was connected to his brain bone? George II Jul 2020 #57
Bone spurs acting up? rgbecker Jul 2020 #51
I walk like that JustGene Jul 2020 #56
Kick dalton99a Jul 2020 #59
Yeah. It's attached to an asshole. n/t Whiskeytide Jul 2020 #60
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