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15. You see it as an absolute percentage figure... he means it as a cap
Mon Jul 27, 2020, 12:53 PM
Jul 2020

They don't want to leave people with a financial incentive to not work. So they're looking to cap payouts... not set a fixed percentage that all unemployed will receive.

This isn't actually all that different from normal UI payouts. Most states have a formula targeting a payout that is a percentage of pre-unemployment income (often ~50%)... but with a cap beyond which there is no additional amount (e.g., $450/week)

I don't know any folks who make the amount you indicated Sherman A1 Jul 2020 #1
I've made that much in my career. A six-figure salary In CA is fairly common. stopbush Jul 2020 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author Sherman A1 Jul 2020 #3
Perhaps it is Sherman A1 Jul 2020 #9
Lucky. With that income you probably have a nice 401K and some savings LakeArenal Jul 2020 #29
Mnuchin says GOP plan for unemployment extension will be based on '70% wage replacement' MrsCoffee Jul 2020 #4
You see it as an absolute percentage figure... he means it as a cap FBaggins Jul 2020 #15
Bet it'll be something like durablend Jul 2020 #22
I expect it to be a flat amount FBaggins Jul 2020 #27
Here's a link House of Roberts Jul 2020 #6
Could there be a cap, like there was a ceiling for people to receive stimulus checks? nt Mike 03 Jul 2020 #5
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2020 #8
Sure, but a cap on high-wage earners rather negates the rationale stopbush Jul 2020 #10
I'm not arguing with your point, just trying to figure this out. Mike 03 Jul 2020 #30
But should any level of earner be made to suffer due to tRump's massive fuck up? stopbush Jul 2020 #32
All fair points. Mike 03 Jul 2020 #33
I agree that this might not be what they intended. But it is a more equitable solution Buckeyeblue Jul 2020 #7
Yes, and the more-equitable solution would have lots of money flowing stopbush Jul 2020 #12
Yes it is. The biggest thing is to get Bill's paid and to get money flowing to businesses. Buckeyeblue Jul 2020 #20
They'd still top it out Johnny2X2X Jul 2020 #11
We're in the same boat. My CA weekly benefit is only $167 as I filed off a 1099. stopbush Jul 2020 #13
This sheds light on how ridiculous UE pay is Johnny2X2X Jul 2020 #19
"this has disaster written all over it" Mike 03 Jul 2020 #16
Reps in Congress are totally tone deaf on this Johnny2X2X Jul 2020 #21
There are many reps in Congress.. stillcool Jul 2020 #26
For minimum wage in states like Texas, where the minimum wage is $7.25/hr. dlk Jul 2020 #14
The usual is 47% of salary. This is going to kill us. Luz Jul 2020 #23
Whatever they may have been in the past, today's Republican Party is a death cult dlk Jul 2020 #34
By several accounts it will take states 6-20 weeks to figure, program, and distribute at 70% underpants Jul 2020 #17
Here's a thought: adjust the amount state by state based on median income in stopbush Jul 2020 #25
That's actually a good point underpants Jul 2020 #28
Rural FL compared to SOFL obamanut2012 Jul 2020 #31
There are a lot of states that still haven't sent out the flat $600 MoonlitKnight Jul 2020 #35
Hey wait! underpants Jul 2020 #36
That income is low in the high tech job space RainCaster Jul 2020 #18
Indeed. I picked $150,000 as an example, because the high-wage earners stopbush Jul 2020 #24
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