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trump is annoying in so many ways empedocles Jul 2020 #1
allow me to paraphrase a line from that great movie Animal House agingdem Jul 2020 #6
Maybe they'll figure out he's just a greedy scam artist CanonRay Jul 2020 #2
Wait until they realize he's intentionally trying to lose. CaptYossarian Jul 2020 #29
Good! nattyice Jul 2020 #3
I can confirm that. I am still getting hit with RW crap and spot check to see what they are up to.. Frustratedlady Jul 2020 #4
We already know that Trump is funneling campaign funds to his businesses and family. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #15
Just like the Inauguration money. CaptYossarian Jul 2020 #30
Hence his book "Triggered" luvallpeeps Jul 2020 #26
I believe the correct spelling is... dhill926 Jul 2020 #33
I agree Sugarcoated Jul 2020 #36
They need to wake up and realize that is what he really is. Jamastiene Jul 2020 #5
It's like in the movie Slapshot. At some point the Charlestown Chiefs Mike 03 Jul 2020 #7
He is like a telemarketer that keeps changing numbers so it doesn't help to block them. redstatebluegirl Jul 2020 #8
Are the billionaires dropping him? nt Skidmore Jul 2020 #9
grifters gonna grift splunge63 Jul 2020 #10
Grifters will Grift (even their own supporters)! nt madinmaryland Jul 2020 #11
Why should they donate to a Lost Cause? MagickMuffin Jul 2020 #12
They have to wake up that they've been conned... DSandra Jul 2020 #13
Hell, I'm getting similar shit from Dems in my emails... Wounded Bear Jul 2020 #14
So am I. murielm99 Jul 2020 #16
It's not similar at all. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #17
It's not just shaming, it's threatening. Fozzledick Jul 2020 #41
I get about 150 every day central scrutinizer Jul 2020 #44
It's how televangelists play the game. Maybe Trump will start selling prayer rugs to the rubes. sop Jul 2020 #18
Loud and clear keithbvadu2 Jul 2020 #28
apparently Trump's marketing research shows his supporters crave emotional abuse 0rganism Jul 2020 #19
Have long suspected the whole Repub Party suffers from battered spouse syndrome... Wounded Bear Jul 2020 #20
for them "the cruelty is the point" 0rganism Jul 2020 #21
"500% Trump House Patriot Match" my ass! panader0 Jul 2020 #22
Good question! It seems kind of vague. keithbvadu2 Jul 2020 #31
What did they expect? Volaris Jul 2020 #23
Don Jr. is thinking about sending out malware to lock up phones and computers... WyattKansas Jul 2020 #24
He saw that Pink Panther movie too. CaptYossarian Jul 2020 #35
There was a young lady on twitter luvallpeeps Jul 2020 #25
Wait until they find out which golf course has their money bucolic_frolic Jul 2020 #27
I think he should double down. Why isn't he going after "Patriot House"? marble falls Jul 2020 #32
What else can they expect? They know who & what Trump is dlk Jul 2020 #34
Hey, they knew he was sleaze when they jumped on his racist bandwagon. LudwigPastorius Jul 2020 #37
Poor wittew billionaire needs to RIP off working class to win lindysalsagal Jul 2020 #38
You have to admit that he has comedy value CatLady78 Jul 2020 #39
He's a moron even to his own supporters treestar Jul 2020 #40
They deserve it RhodeIslandOne Jul 2020 #42
I don't know how I got on their list but I have been getting these. I blocked them and got OregonBlue Jul 2020 #43
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