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Tue Jul 21, 2020, 11:48 AM Jul 2020

I am a white non-college male, I do not support Trump, however I just learned this. [View all]

Over the years I lost contact with many of my friends, We were a tight knit group growing up. We were all non college, blue collar workers. We all had pretty much the same beliefs. Very down to earth common sense people.

I just talked to an old friend who I hadn't talked to in a while and I found out he turned into a Trump nut. He then informed of all my friends who love Trump. I cannot fucking believe it. Many of my friends I grew up with are part of Trumps base. Trumps base is white non college people. What strange power Trump has over people like my friends is shocking. It's like a fucking disease.

The good news is not all of the friends I grew up with have lost their minds. Way too many have and I will never understand it.

Like with the Ex-friend I just talked to, all Trump voters make up excuses in order to support Trump. The virus is not Trumps fault. Trump did not try to cover up the pandemic, he got bad advise, Blah, Blah, Blah.

We have to put an end to this Trump madness this November.

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Why do they love him? NT enough Jul 2020 #1
They think he did a great job on the economy, I guess. shockey80 Jul 2020 #6
i'm going with barbtries Jul 2020 #53
My guess - like Limbaugh etc, he dishonestly convinced them he is one of them, they are right and karynnj Jul 2020 #12
Excellent analysis. Thank you irisblue Jul 2020 #15
Spot on - this downward slide to madness in the GOP is 40+ years in the making... Moostache Jul 2020 #41
He hates who they hate. RhodeIslandOne Jul 2020 #24
This griffi94 Jul 2020 #32
I think that is the main reason moose65 Jul 2020 #46
The religious thing is just cover for their hatred . Blacks and Hispanics are the most religious JI7 Jul 2020 #71
Black and Hispanic Christians do not buy into the whole TexasBushwhacker Jul 2020 #75
Conformity's a helluva drug. Gidney N Cloyd Jul 2020 #42
You must belive in lies to support the asswipe randr Jul 2020 #2
What do you think was the "hook" that drew them into Trumpworld? madaboutharry Jul 2020 #3
I am trying to figure it out. shockey80 Jul 2020 #21
Agreed jayschool2013 Jul 2020 #57
Racism, sexism, and sadism. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #30
The Hook that brings followers to the dark side is Simple Righteousness. PurgedVoter Jul 2020 #36
K&R for truth. KY_EnviroGuy Jul 2020 #72
How did you escape the attraction Trump seems to hold on your old friends? The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2020 #4
I self educate more than they do and it is clear something has changed them that I am immune from. shockey80 Jul 2020 #10
How about reaction to big changes? A lot of sensible white males Hortensis Jul 2020 #18
I agree with much of your post, however, shockey80 Jul 2020 #27
Umhm. But change alone will do all that. Conservatives Hortensis Jul 2020 #40
My deceased blue collar dad would've immediately called out Trump as a BSer. blm Jul 2020 #5
Trumpers gas-light even THEMSELVES about Trump's statements/(in)actions RockRaven Jul 2020 #7
My husband has a long time college friend who voted for mf45 but regrets his vote. kimbutgar Jul 2020 #8
I see the same thing here in Texas - it is almost like a cult. For some reason they have al kinds of walkingman Jul 2020 #9
I am a rural retired Texan too. Manifestor_of_Light Jul 2020 #68
Pleasure to meet you, Manifestor_of_Light. Hope to get to know you better. walkingman Jul 2020 #69
Thank you. Manifestor_of_Light Jul 2020 #70
All of my acquaintances who support Trump are JenniferJuniper Jul 2020 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Jul 2020 #65
RW propaganda machine Bradshaw3 Jul 2020 #13
You have a point moose65 Jul 2020 #76
It is overwhelming sometimes Bradshaw3 Jul 2020 #77
One of my best (formerly progressive DEM) friends and colleagues married a damned neocon hlthe2b Jul 2020 #14
I think they believed the hype. qwlauren35 Jul 2020 #16
I have a group of female friends who are non-college... Freedomofspeech Jul 2020 #17
I don't have a clue why they support him, grumpyduck Jul 2020 #19
I have several former high school classmates who are QAnon perverts hamsterjill Jul 2020 #20
If "non-college" means Harker Jul 2020 #22
Propaganda works. Mariana Jul 2020 #23
Agree Mariana DENVERPOPS Jul 2020 #33
The difference is the right-wing propaganda is voluntary. Mariana Jul 2020 #47
You're right about Trump supporters having to make up excuses Ohioboy Jul 2020 #25
They believe the "He's a successful businessman" bullshit pushed for 30 years RhodeIslandOne Jul 2020 #26
Trump is like an inhaled substance that induces euphoria in these people bucolic_frolic Jul 2020 #28
Recommended. H2O Man Jul 2020 #29
Propaganda works cp Jul 2020 #31
With apologies to everyone here who practices the Christian faith: luvtheGWN Jul 2020 #58
Yes, it's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. SunSeeker Jul 2020 #34
We are witnessing the same disease that spread through Germany in the 1930's. shockey80 Jul 2020 #35
I think college educated people flatter themselves with that belief. plimsoll Jul 2020 #37
Good post. shockey80 Jul 2020 #39
+1 chowder66 Jul 2020 #51
Another reason college educated people are more likely to be anti-trump... llmart Jul 2020 #48
But non college blacks, hispanics, asians, native americans etc Don't support Trump JI7 Jul 2020 #73
One thought Jimbo S Jul 2020 #38
I have a sister who has a masters in english and Javaman Jul 2020 #43
It is so true, I am still learning at the age of 61, still self educating. shockey80 Jul 2020 #44
Same here. Same age.So many old friends swung to the hard right. Progressive Jones Jul 2020 #74
THERE'S REALLY NOTHING TO FIGURE OUT blakstoneranger Jul 2020 #45
I am similar in education Woodwizard Jul 2020 #49
Do you live in different areas/ parts of the country? There are vast swaths where there Kashkakat v.2.0 Jul 2020 #50
No , I live in a sane part of upstate New York. shockey80 Jul 2020 #55
Yes, the few times I have dared to reason with a trumpster--the First thing they do is riversedge Jul 2020 #52
Fact-free bliss? czarjak Jul 2020 #54
Working class support of trump. Biggest suckers ever The Jungle 1 Jul 2020 #56
Hey, the PINO convinces far more people than I could w/ my logic to convince them that ... SWBTATTReg Jul 2020 #59
sorry to hear about your old friends orleans Jul 2020 #60
You may be right. shockey80 Jul 2020 #61
I love studying history Dan Jul 2020 #62
If people don't stop underestimating him, his campaign and the appeal The Mouth Jul 2020 #63
males seem to be more gullible. plus media brainwashing for decades since the rise of reagan. pansypoo53219 Jul 2020 #64
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Jul 2020 #66
You're not alone mon frere. JohnnyRingo Jul 2020 #67
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