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Ahhh Linda, haven't you heard? Its gotten really expensive to be a racist these days, and no saying tulipsandroses Jul 2020 #1
I would not trust her to give the same amount of care to POC Skittles Jul 2020 #2
Her spelling? Seriously, how do you get to be an ICU nurse and not be educated? panader0 Jul 2020 #27
what I cannot understand Skittles Jul 2020 #31
Another one bites the dust ... waiting Miigwech Jul 2020 #3
Disgusting. stillcool Jul 2020 #4
Poor stupid thing.. she just reeks Cha Jul 2020 #5
I've been pleading with friends and family: ecstatic Jul 2020 #6
She has been fired, according to a statement from the hospital. n/t Tess49 Jul 2020 #7
Womp womp durablend Jul 2020 #26
Yikes! Faux pas Jul 2020 #8
Bye Linda! gldstwmn Jul 2020 #9
We need good nurses! Alas, this one is not one of them. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2020 #10
The spelling and grammar in those tweets is something Azathoth Jul 2020 #11
The KKK has pretty much the same feelings toward Jews and Catholics. keithbvadu2 Jul 2020 #12
They stopped being anti-Catholic with the David Duke Klan of the 70's Polybius Jul 2020 #15
Yes. Some outliers. Ironic, eh? keithbvadu2 Jul 2020 #25
Miller would not be accepted into the KKK no matter how hateful he gets Polybius Jul 2020 #32
Type it first for the spell check feature but leave it in case the copy function fails. keithbvadu2 Jul 2020 #33
That's actually as good of an answer as any Polybius Jul 2020 #34
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ in the very near future. keithbvadu2 Jul 2020 #35
You want this person taking care of your loved ones? dalton99a Jul 2020 #13
Their not there. marie999 Jul 2020 #28
This story appears to be BOGUS. (Wrong!) OneBro Jul 2020 #14
Thanks for checking this out. I like to know the background of my info. Midnight Writer Jul 2020 #16
If you go to the Russellville Hospital website, you will find a statement about this incident. nsd Jul 2020 #18
Thank you! OneBro Jul 2020 #20
another job lost. So many racist's careers ruined. hahahahahahahahahahaha TeamPooka Jul 2020 #22
That news article is very poor. Tipperary Jul 2020 #24
Are you really taking the low end on this? Awsi Dooger Jul 2020 #19
It saddens me to learn that this is real. OneBro Jul 2020 #21
She Gone ! Progressive Jones Jul 2020 #17
I guess she can stay at home now. Gore1FL Jul 2020 #23
She'll find a job at another Alabama hospital or Ilsa Jul 2020 #29
Anyone who says "I've never been racist but I'm fixing to change," doesn't need to change. StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #30
THIS, and... OneGrassRoot Jul 2020 #36
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