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18. Please give it a rest.
Tue Jul 7, 2020, 11:53 AM
Jul 2020

The Supreme Court and the Republicans are not going to allow trump of all people to destroy this country.

God damn, I guess we're going to rehash this shit every day now eh? BannonsLiver Jul 2020 #1
I like Rick Wilson's answer - denem Jul 2020 #2
I GUess So Me. Jul 2020 #3
Yes, seems so. Maybe...... LakeArenal Jul 2020 #4
+1. If he's beat, he's gone. His lame duck months will include a lot of whining, blustering, etc. Hoyt Jul 2020 #6
This is not about him "not leaving" the WH SoonerPride Jul 2020 #14
It's a variation of the same tired bleating BannonsLiver Jul 2020 #15
Then feel free to trash the thread and move on. Or you could compain about it. Whichever. SoonerPride Jul 2020 #16
I must have missed the part where I cared about your opinion. BannonsLiver Jul 2020 #17
If he doesn't win teh election, Ms. Toad Jul 2020 #5
I suspect the SS is tired of his shit and would be glad to "escort" him out... Wounded Bear Jul 2020 #9
This is not if he loses and refuses to leave. You need to read the op-ed. SoonerPride Jul 2020 #13
Harry_Truman says Harry_Truman Jul 2020 #21
Yawn. Same shit different day. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #7
Not this shit again. we can do it Jul 2020 #8
When Trump Loses the Election, He Will Need a Pardon MineralMan Jul 2020 #10
Laughable, we'll have proof, he is one 74 year old, I think we can remove his sorry arse. Brainfodder Jul 2020 #11
I saw an interview with one of them the other night, PRETZEL Jul 2020 #12
Please give it a rest. marie999 Jul 2020 #18
I'm getting sick of these scenarios being suggested. LiberalFighter Jul 2020 #19
There are inaccuracies in the above article Fiendish Thingy Jul 2020 #20
I appreciate your response. qwlauren35 Jul 2020 #22
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