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100. And why would I bother to prove anything about myself to a person
Mon Jul 6, 2020, 05:56 PM
Jul 2020

I don't know nor care about? First, you have to prove to me you really exist.

Why are they standing their yelling. marie999 Jul 2020 #1
Oh, please StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #11
Yes, marie999 Jul 2020 #21
You think that furious woman with a gun will suddenly start acting dawg day Jul 2020 #22
Rationality. Straw Man Jul 2020 #27
"some responses are more rational than others" ... Until they're not StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #31
You seem to have missed my point completely. Straw Man Jul 2020 #33
You have no way of knowing what you would have done in that situation StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #23
Exactly, and well said. Merlot Jul 2020 #28
I would not have stood there. She would have been dead. marie999 Jul 2020 #47
You have no idea what you would have done StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #50
You have no idea who I am, marie999 Jul 2020 #54
You're right. I don't StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #56
We do however, have an idea of what you allege to be. LanternWaste Jul 2020 #75
The only thing I "allege" to be is a 72 year old woman who cares for her family. marie999 Jul 2020 #82
I didn't. I simply expounded on the point of order you brought to the table. LanternWaste Jul 2020 #99
And why would I bother to prove anything about myself to a person marie999 Jul 2020 #100
LOL, ok! nt USALiberal Jul 2020 #62
Very well said Withywindle Jul 2020 #98
enjoy your time here. TeamPooka Jul 2020 #80
As if that matters NutmegYankee Jul 2020 #19
that is a ridiculous take. this white trash needs to be in jail SiliconValley_Dem Jul 2020 #37
What an unbelievably odd take away. SlogginThroughIt Jul 2020 #45
Got a good look at her face, so that should help ID her. Happy Hoosier Jul 2020 #2
Said she was arrested and released Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #4
Evidently the sheriff is running for reelection and doesn't want to offend white people dalton99a Jul 2020 #7
Exactly. Released - did they release her on bail? What charges were filed, if any? onetexan Jul 2020 #24
As long as people - even those claiming to be allies - StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #36
Let me be perfectly clear. Straw Man Jul 2020 #46
Straw Man, I think your posts make a lot of sense. MisterNiceKitty Jul 2020 #60
If the black woman had been armed Bettie Jul 2020 #70
I think that depends on the jurisdiction. Straw Man Jul 2020 #97
Because "not all jurisdictions," right? StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #102
Nonsense! artemisia1 Jul 2020 #52
Since you're online "advising" people you don't know and likely will never read what you wrote StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #55
It has nothing to do with outrage artemisia1 Jul 2020 #61
This kind of SHIT is happening all over 'Merica. Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #3
If the person driving the car did hit that woman avebury Jul 2020 #5
yes, i'm hoping the woman will secure a good lawyer & hit that racist woman w/ a lawsuit onetexan Jul 2020 #25
fucking unhinged trash JI7 Jul 2020 #6
We can't end racism in my lifetime (I'm 71) but we CAN make open racist behaviour... Tom Rinaldo Jul 2020 #8
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2020 #20
good arrest the terrorist rockfordfile Jul 2020 #9
Why is brandishing a weapon like that not punished? gollygee Jul 2020 #10
+1 dalton99a Jul 2020 #12
We know what would have happened. StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #13
It should be. The law is on the books. Straw Man Jul 2020 #29
Wonder what led up to her pulling the gun. She already has it out when video starts Takket Jul 2020 #14
It sounds like she was backing up and unaware that the Black woman and her family were behind her gollygee Jul 2020 #15
Thanks! Takket Jul 2020 #17
There's a longer video taken by the woman's daughter tishaLA Jul 2020 #16
I wonder if the woman had just apologized Takket Jul 2020 #18
Who do you think should have apologized? StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #26
The white woman that nearly hit the girl Takket Jul 2020 #38
Even if she hadn't apologized, this wouldn't have happened if she hadn't tried to run over the black StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #42
The white woman was not driving, her husband was csziggy Jul 2020 #89
Why they were both charged StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #91
He almost backed the car into at least one person csziggy Jul 2020 #93
it is in the video i replied to... Takket Jul 2020 #96
Frankly.. Omen78 Jul 2020 #30
No. This has nothing to do with a lack of "civility" or "courtesy" StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #32
We'll just have to disagree Omen78 Jul 2020 #34
Let's see you have a gun pulled on you gollygee Jul 2020 #35
Thank you StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #39
I've had a gun pulled on me. Omen78 Jul 2020 #40
I think the best protection Black people have right now gollygee Jul 2020 #41
"Both sides" StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #43
Sheesh, so now its OK to pull a gun on someone "just cuz"? Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #49
I'd ask what is wrong with people Bettie Jul 2020 #44
FFS another "Karen" mention. nt USALiberal Jul 2020 #63
+1 obamanut2012 Jul 2020 #66
Sure, that's the issue Bettie Jul 2020 #68
Another opportunity to center white women's discomfort! nt gollygee Jul 2020 #72
Oakland County Sheriff's Department which could not confirm the woman's identity. MagickMuffin Jul 2020 #48
If this had been a black woman StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #51
Detroit news article Takket Jul 2020 #53
Absolutely nothing qwlauren35 Jul 2020 #57
Thank you StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #58
Yeah, I Don't Get It ProfessorGAC Jul 2020 #59
"Both sides behaved badly" has no place in a discussion of someone pulling a gun on anyone in this m StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #64
Same Page ProfessorGAC Jul 2020 #65
After reading the story and watching both videos Maeve Jul 2020 #67
Never pull a gun without the intent to use it. ismnotwasm Jul 2020 #69
She may have intended to use it StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #71
That was exactly my thought ismnotwasm Jul 2020 #85
White Michigan couple arrested after gun pulled on Blacks Eugene Jul 2020 #73
Why do almost all of these incidents involve white women? Blaukraut Jul 2020 #74
White women have a particular place in white supremacy gollygee Jul 2020 #76
I never looked at it this way. Thank you! n/t Blaukraut Jul 2020 #77
You're welcome! nt gollygee Jul 2020 #78
Yes! StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #79
That's what was so disturbing about the birdwatcher in Central Park sweetloukillbot Jul 2020 #81
Scottsboro Boys, Susan Smith ... StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #83
The full video explains what really happened! mysteryowl Jul 2020 #84
It explains that there was more context but the brandishing PTWB Jul 2020 #86
She was released. mysteryowl Jul 2020 #87
Indeed. PTWB Jul 2020 #88
+1000 ismnotwasm Jul 2020 #90
She was released and then charged with felonious assault and arrested StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #92
Wow! Arrested Twice! mysteryowl Jul 2020 #94
Thanks for posting superpatriotman Jul 2020 #95
Kick ck4829 Jul 2020 #101
Did you see she started her media pity tour? StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #103
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