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Fear mongering speculation. LakeArenal Jul 2020 #1
Nope superpatriotman Jul 2020 #3
I don't care if you get Obama to say it. LakeArenal Jul 2020 #5
Agree.. I really wish posters would put their energy towards better use! Thekaspervote Jul 2020 #10
I also agree that it's speculative fear mongering. PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2020 #11
Thought the same thing about 2004. HotTeaBag Jul 2020 #12
I recently watched a clip on YouTube from the CBS election night coverage in 1980. NYC Liberal Jul 2020 #39
Just because something COULD happen, doesn't mean it's worth thinking about DrToast Jul 2020 #42
Exactly Me. Jul 2020 #7
Confidence does not mean, we won't vote LakeArenal Jul 2020 #9
If Biden wins FLA, NC and NH he gets 270 Fiendish Thingy Jul 2020 #2
Read my post in OMG MSNBC is scaring the shit out of me. marie999 Jul 2020 #4
No need to instill your fear in others. LakeArenal Jul 2020 #6
My post shows that this scenario won't work. marie999 Jul 2020 #16
Lay your finger on the top address of your link. LakeArenal Jul 2020 #18
Thank you. n/t marie999 Jul 2020 #19
It worked! marie999 Jul 2020 #21
No problem. I was once there. LakeArenal Jul 2020 #24
He'll need more mzmolly Jul 2020 #8
This serves no good purpose. Negativity generates apathy. Apathy discourages voter turnout. NurseJackie Jul 2020 #13
Don't think Roberts would go along with this wryter2000 Jul 2020 #14
Just vote, with landslide as a goal. All the other concerns are not helpful. Hoyt Jul 2020 #15
If 4 states cannot participate in the Electoral College mcar Jul 2020 #17
Yes it does dansolo Jul 2020 #27
Which renders this premise incorrect then mcar Jul 2020 #28
It does but it indirectly validates another... Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #33
Interesting mcar Jul 2020 #35
There is precedent that the needed majority remains 270 despite fewer than... LudwigPastorius Jul 2020 #29
14 electoral votes were invalidated in 1872 - so, only 177 votes were needed to win. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #31
Not according to the official transcript of the joint session of Congress: LudwigPastorius Jul 2020 #34
14 electors were thrown out. The majority changed. 177 were needed. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #36
The Vice President, presiding over the count at the joint session, says,... LudwigPastorius Jul 2020 #37
This is wrong. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #41
Sounds like a plotline customerserviceguy Jul 2020 #20
Jeez I've never heard this before! BannonsLiver Jul 2020 #22
This stretches BGBD Jul 2020 #23
Yes, separatist groups would form and referenda would be put forward for secession. roamer65 Jul 2020 #40
Exactly! DrToast Jul 2020 #44
And there would be rioting in the streets. Vinca Jul 2020 #25
sounds like a conservative Trumper's fever dream SiliconValley_Dem Jul 2020 #26
when it comes to trump... myohmy2 Jul 2020 #30
With Dumbass Donald continuously making everything much worse for the country... WyattKansas Jul 2020 #32
Dipshit Donny would be the last president of a unified republic. roamer65 Jul 2020 #38
Anybody who furthers such a scheme will spend all their remaining years waiting for a bullet struggle4progress Jul 2020 #43
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