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Their new name will be chosen to honor their owner Dan Snyder. Elwood P Dowd Jul 2020 #1
Washington Raptors would be badass. yellowcanine Jul 2020 #2
Toronto already has that one taken. Goodheart Jul 2020 #4
Basketball team though. yellowcanine Jul 2020 #11
When they're done with that, they should change that whole dumpster fire of a team. milestogo Jul 2020 #3
Senators. Kingofalldems Jul 2020 #5
Great one, but the Ottawa Senators already claimed it. HotTeaBag Jul 2020 #15
"Lobbyists" sounds like a name for World Team Tennis. Goodheart Jul 2020 #21
That it does. HotTeaBag Jul 2020 #23
Long overdue Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jul 2020 #6
Native Americans, black and brown people have been begging them for years to change the name StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #7
Go without a name for a season Renew Deal Jul 2020 #8
Good idea. Although, they might have something in mind from previous Hoyt Jul 2020 #10
Hold off for two years customerserviceguy Jul 2020 #41
Washington BLMs Coleman Jul 2020 #9
Washington Potomacs. PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2020 #13
Especially when the team sucks Coleman Jul 2020 #25
My picks - Stolen from a David Letterman Top Ten List (and adjusted) TlalocW Jul 2020 #12
Isn't the plural of "moose" "meese"? Goodheart Jul 2020 #20
Nope. The plural of moose is moose. PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2020 #32
How about Coleman Jul 2020 #49
The Fighting Amish HotTeaBag Jul 2020 #24
In college, my trivia bowl team was the Fragile Porcelain Mice (at my suggestion) TlalocW Jul 2020 #30
The Procrastinators? LastDemocratInSC Jul 2020 #14
Would the Founders be off the table? They seem to be taking a beating lately. AJT Jul 2020 #16
The Washington Lobbyists HotTeaBag Jul 2020 #17
The Washington Monuments SledDriver Jul 2020 #19
Too bad Black players didn't refuse to play there as long as it had that name MichMan Jul 2020 #18
The White players could have refused too. nt gollygee Jul 2020 #27
70 % of the players are Black MichMan Jul 2020 #43
i think it is pretty clear with the NFL cartel, black players have no leverage SiliconValley_Dem Jul 2020 #28
Bullies? imanamerican63 Jul 2020 #22
the Washington Has-Beens SiliconValley_Dem Jul 2020 #26
Get rid of the name Washington also. marie999 Jul 2020 #29
I'm going back in history and riffing on an old Pacific Coast Baseball League team Brother Buzz Jul 2020 #31
Draco would not approve! Goodheart Jul 2020 #33
Well, of course not Brother Buzz Jul 2020 #36
What about the Foreskins? Renew Deal Jul 2020 #34
*snort* Nevilledog Jul 2020 #39
My uncle's email was meforskins exboyfil Jul 2020 #42
Washington Warriors SoonerPride Jul 2020 #35
Washington Scandals BluesRunTheGame Jul 2020 #37
That's it! marybourg Jul 2020 #38
Snyder will never budge. tenderfoot Jul 2020 #40
Snyder Straps. NCjack Jul 2020 #44
They're soon going to have to change the Washington part lame54 Jul 2020 #45
I think the best decision would be to move the team to a different city MichMan Jul 2020 #46
Red Tails Celerity Jul 2020 #47
good Demovictory9 Jul 2020 #48
There's even a Wikipedia article about this: Towlie Jul 2020 #50
D.C. Redskins PCIntern Jul 2020 #51
Going with a 'bird' theme... mikeargo Jul 2020 #52
Buzzards would be good. There's an overabundance of those black birds around Goodheart Jul 2020 #53
Washington Statesmen jmowreader Jul 2020 #54
This message was self-deleted by its author Goodheart Jul 2020 #56
Washington Rappers mikeargo Jul 2020 #55
Washington Artichokes ChazII Jul 2020 #57
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