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18. I was listening to a song it said this is not 1992 OK yes but this is also not 2014 Michael Brown
Wed Jul 1, 2020, 08:03 PM
Jul 2020

Seems not so w'far away but a whole capture lifetime removed with cell phones and police cams now .
No more being told you are being toosensitive or you probably misunderstood or what really happened you don’t know.
Cell phones and body cams -there is absolutely no contradictions with those two witnesses at any event .
Perhaps interpretation , but see it with your own eyes how it went down, people now need to decide when it’s in their face more than just reports of racism.
And let’s face it, this was a brutal murder out on a public street with those around also captured begging the police to stop.
Tamir Rice , Philando Castle all building up
Yes this lead to more support of BLM not seen other times but will it influence black lives outcome?
If they see it now , all those excuses they have been making or mental roadblocks don’t play anymore. How many deaths in the recent past that have been captured does anyone have to see?
Systemic wide racism is getting harder to not acknowledge

I think for those white peoples who never questioned the racism they were made aware of , deaths clearly captured like this recently pissed them off enough to get in the streets more too because things haven’t changed for so long something has to be said in protest and push for justice.
Exposure has lead to thought
Look how opinion about Kaepernick has started to shift among whites too so it’s not just the protests . With some in white society , hopefully this means there is a break through of finally thinking about BLM that is happening with many who were subconsciously avoiding, or not looking to learn why he knelt

I think some of the march movement was coopted by a whiter anti trump and covid outrage cooped up crowd but let’s face it the MN police were at a trump rally, he was positive for corona at death, and imo it’s good to have all these different supporters come out to protest the streets against racism and/ or push on social media that black lives matter even with their own issues often still kept at front
Those statues may have not come down places etc. if the crowd wasn’t big or social media didn’t embrace it
Plus let’s face, it any color there is a lot of unemployment too, so working people maybe finally have had the time to think and listen and process and protest .
The gathering of a larger crowd that started against the brutality and murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and evolved over the days to addressing changes in many forms of racism like the statues and flags and more acknowledgement of true history is a move forward, a momentum starting . There has to be change including hearts and minds
Solidarity is a good thing right now .

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