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That was the subject of the documentary "13th" Caliman73 Jun 2020 #1
Thank you! Heartstrings Jun 2020 #2
I wish everyone KT2000 Jun 2020 #12
Black men in prisons aren't used for forced labor now, but they are making men rich from BComplex Jun 2020 #39
Actually, they are StarfishSaver Jun 2020 #46
Prisoners are still used to do public work, like picking up trash on public Blue_true Jun 2020 #59
Sad post but one every single white person in the US needs to read. PatrickforO Jun 2020 #3
No they didn't! Heartstrings Jun 2020 #4
Well, there was a hell of a lot that was never taught in schools... Moostache Jun 2020 #17
Amen, Moostache. Amen. BComplex Jun 2020 #40
EXcept I learned it in college obamanut2012 Jun 2020 #27
Kick for maximum exposure. Thanks for posting. nt oasis Jun 2020 #5
My pleasure.... Heartstrings Jun 2020 #6
K&R Solly Mack Jun 2020 #7
Thank you, so much. We SHOULD have been taught. I have already passed it on to a friend. Thanks. n/t Judi Lynn Jun 2020 #8
And a number of years ago I remember hearing about how the symbols on contemporary police fierywoman Jun 2020 #9
There's more . . . . . . no_hypocrisy Jun 2020 #10
Thanks for posting! PandoraAwakened Jun 2020 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author pecosbob Jun 2020 #15
Mandatory minimum sentencing...mainly a relic of the recent past, but insidious in its impact... Moostache Jun 2020 #18
Thanks! PandoraAwakened Jun 2020 #53
Yes, the entire war on drugs. Blue_true Jun 2020 #60
If only there were an esteemed psychiatrist someone could ask. N/T lapucelle Jun 2020 #43
... sheshe2 Jun 2020 #44
... lapucelle Jun 2020 #45
Yup. sheshe2 Jun 2020 #49
This message was self-deleted by its author PandoraAwakened Jun 2020 #55
I feel stupid MH1 Jun 2020 #56
Haaaaa! NurseJackie Jun 2020 #52
Post removed Post removed Jun 2020 #54
A couple of friends of mine are (although they might not call themselves "esteemed").... George II Jun 2020 #57
Hell, our schools barely talk about slavery, let alone peonage. nt SunSeeker Jun 2020 #13
And the ones that do teach about slavery say how wonderful it was Ilsa Jun 2020 #42
Neither did I...where I did learn about it was in... pecosbob Jun 2020 #14
+1 2naSalit Jun 2020 #33
This also shows one of the reasons why police got in the habit of watching Sloumeau Jun 2020 #16
Look no further than Dylan Roof and Walter Scott as a prime example... Moostache Jun 2020 #19
White people could make more money, not "society". It is a poor utilization of talent & ability Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2020 #24
Bingo!!!!!! Blue_true Jun 2020 #61
K&R for exposure!!!! diva77 Jun 2020 #20
"Slavery by Another Name" by Douglas Blackmon tells the story. Cities like Atlanta and.... EarnestPutz Jun 2020 #21
he won a Pulitzer for it too. TeamPooka Jun 2020 #22
It was only a few yrs ago that I learned slaves built the WH. White owners rented them to govt bobbieinok Jun 2020 #23
That book was heartbreaking. sheshe2 Jun 2020 #47
There is an excellent, Pulitzer Prize -winning book on this topic Tanuki Jun 2020 #25
K&R n/t Kitchari Jun 2020 #26
Shit. That's probably where the pattern began of targeting black people within the limits of the law Baitball Blogger Jun 2020 #28
And these same laws have been used to target protesters who protest for LIBERAL causes, BComplex Jun 2020 #41
K&R Solomon Jun 2020 #29
That system was slavery by another name. BSdetect Jun 2020 #30
This should also underscore the need to abolish PRIVATE prisons! lastlib Jun 2020 #31
Only 8 percent of incarcerated people are held in private prisons. WhiskeyGrinder Jun 2020 #32
The prison system is built on this framework. It's not reformable. WhiskeyGrinder Jun 2020 #34
Still JustGene Jun 2020 #35
Thanks for this important post. panader0 Jun 2020 #36
I had no idea how loaded the word "peon" is. blaze Jun 2020 #37
This is, of course, the origin of the "blacks are criminals" meme struggle4progress Jun 2020 #38
Lately I am learning a lot about what I didn't learn in History class, crickets Jun 2020 #48
You're welcome! Heartstrings Jun 2020 #51
Our prison system is legalized slavery Generic Brad Jun 2020 #50
The history of how Whites as a singular group treated Blacks in America is Blue_true Jun 2020 #58
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