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81. I've been expecting a major catastrophe for awhile but yes, this is remarkably bad.
Fri May 29, 2020, 05:32 PM
May 2020

We have been teetering of the verge of major catastrophe for awhile now though if you think about it.

1. Trump screwed up North Korea - in a slightly different scenario that goes very badly wrong and well...

2. Trump has recklessly vacated the Iran nuclear deal and further stroked the fires by assassinating a Senior official. Yes, he was a vile person, nevertheless, the Administration had clearly not calculated the Iranian reaction and almost blundered into a major war.

3. Trump has continued to encourage ultra-right violent demonstrators.

4. Trump has proven he has no understanding of the gun crises in our country.

We have been teetering for sometime. It is not surprising that Trump's luck (and unfortunately, ours) has finally run out.

I imagine Trump putting non-whites in concentration camps are trying to kill us all somehow and he's uponit7771 May 2020 #1
I believe that it's a goal of his. wnylib May 2020 #59
First the non-whites. Then the poor whites, the liberals, anyone who opposes his rule. erronis May 2020 #62
+1, I think it's fair to ask what Hitler level we're at now uponit7771 May 2020 #63
Right now? Squidly May 2020 #68
+1, I'd say 4 with the kidnapped kids ... that's text book up UN defined genocide uponit7771 May 2020 #91
After tonight's MAGAt rally... Squidly May 2020 #100
You nailed it regarding the sequence wnylib May 2020 #75
Agree with your sequencing also. He is scatter-brained but taking some direction. Given a 2020 win erronis May 2020 #76
I've read up on Hitler's rise wnylib May 2020 #78
As I recall it Stephen Miller made a special study of Hitler and he advises Trump. Ford_Prefect May 2020 #85
Didn't know that about Miller. wnylib May 2020 #87
Miller is a genuine white supremacist/Neo-Nazi. He's a close friend of Richard Spencer, Ford_Prefect May 2020 #90
I knew about Miller's white supremacy. wnylib May 2020 #95
Yes. Trump's anger, his point of view, and his hatred are his own. Ford_Prefect May 2020 #96
I do believe that just blaming Trump & not the whole of the Republican party is falacy... NotHardly May 2020 #82
I agree with you. This direction has been wnylib May 2020 #88
He has already done this with immigrants seeking asylum DBoon May 2020 #69
+1, its text book UN defined genocide what he did with the immigrant kids uponit7771 May 2020 #93
K and R. dewsgirl May 2020 #2
These two men saw it coming... homegirl May 2020 #74
I figured John Ludi May 2020 #3
Welcome to DU. I have thought much the same. niyad May 2020 #30
He is definitely marching toward a nuclear confrontation. nt pazzyanne May 2020 #35
Yeah, Hurricane season starts on Sunday. jaxexpat May 2020 #49
Lol. Touche bsiebs May 2020 #52
Nuke, nuke, nuke.... trusty elf May 2020 #77
Everything I care DownriverDem May 2020 #39
Not nukes. Not here in the US. wnylib May 2020 #60
Putin did. sop May 2020 #4
I did. raging moderate May 2020 #5
Yup...the worst is not yet happened. Moostache May 2020 #12
Somehow, a gigantic mushroom Harker May 2020 #20
What does he have to lose? IggleDuer May 2020 #25
Good question. Harker May 2020 #44
...his "base" would get off on the idea... First Speaker May 2020 #57
They'd pile out en masse waving flags to celebrate DBoon May 2020 #70
He wants a foreign enemy to kill so he can rally support IronLionZion May 2020 #22
pretty much what I predicted bigtree May 2020 #6
I did. And I predict it will still get worse SoonerPride May 2020 #7
This is pretty much what I assumed would happen if Trump got installed: complete social breakdown. lagomorph777 May 2020 #8
Buy American -- I did and it's the best purchase I ever made -- V. Putin OMGWTF May 2020 #64
LOL - he may experience buyer's remorse after November. lagomorph777 May 2020 #65
I would say that indicates a lack of imagination... Hugin May 2020 #9
There is no bottom to his depravity or the depravity of Republicans. dalton99a May 2020 #10
I did. ...nt 2naSalit May 2020 #11
I thought he'd be an insecure, hateful fool BeyondGeography May 2020 #13
There. Is. No. Bottom. SledDriver May 2020 #14
I saw it coming . . . Iliyah May 2020 #15
Me too! Grins May 2020 #73
I did. SamKnause May 2020 #16
I totally agree. Freedomofspeech May 2020 #27
Exactly, ditto here. txwhitedove May 2020 #40
well, If you put it like that...... jaxexpat May 2020 #50
My daughters, their families and I have agreed BonnieJW May 2020 #61
Yeah. This period of American history will be known as "The Reign of Terror". ooky May 2020 #17
now imagine a worst-case scenario in a second term fishwax May 2020 #18
right. trump will only grow more vengeful riversedge May 2020 #23
He has exceed every one of my original imaginative scenarios. pazzyanne May 2020 #37
I knew he would destroy the country. kacekwl May 2020 #19
Hear! Hear! Well said. k&r n/t Laelth May 2020 #21
In Pennsylvania, Republicans are exposing Dems to corona without telling them NJCher May 2020 #24
bio-terrorism DBoon May 2020 #71
I imagined nuclear war from the beginning. I still think it could happen mucifer May 2020 #26
Same. That's our "October surprise!" SoonerPride May 2020 #42
I told my wife... Alacritous Crier May 2020 #28
I was despondent for weeks after the election. We got to see trump first-hand in New York... George II May 2020 #29
Get this Russian-installed imposter out of our White House FFS Blue Owl May 2020 #31
Sorry, Sen. Murphy, but I saw Hitler 2.0 from the beginning. niyad May 2020 #32
Other than "Fuck you!" CrispyQ May 2020 #33
As a child of the Cold War I always anticipated a trumped-up Golden Raisin May 2020 #34
In a 2014 interview with fox, when asked about the direction of the country, SammyWinstonJack May 2020 #36
Here's the video clip (Sorry it's a Faux noose site) ... aggiesal May 2020 #41
Thanks. I only know of the interview because of a Twitter comment. SammyWinstonJack May 2020 #45
I believe this was his end game all along. Maybe not the virus. cayugafalls May 2020 #38
That's the problem. Nobody "imagined" Trump would go this far... Wounded Bear May 2020 #43
LOL-this is exactly what he needs to get re-elected. It was pretty easy to predict. jalan48 May 2020 #46
For months I checked the news on waking to make sure Hortensis May 2020 #47
Same here. I knew things would get worse than anyone expected, but it's so much worse than I liberalla May 2020 #48
I've been musclecar6 May 2020 #51
I can imagine an enraged Trump pounding both little fists on the Resolute Desk, ... JustABozoOnThisBus May 2020 #53
I imagined it Warpy May 2020 #54
if you started off knowing that the orange asshole was a psychopath... Javaman May 2020 #55
Lot's of "never imagined" things these days Loge23 May 2020 #56
The day after the election I had a feeling of complete dread... llmart May 2020 #58
I expected Tehran destroyed millions killed, Straits closed, Israel attacked grantcart May 2020 #66
What will it take? young_at_heart May 2020 #67
He also praises himself because if he hadn't done anything, then 2 to 3 million would have died. LastLiberal in PalmSprings May 2020 #72
Anytime Republicans can't be held accountable, expect the very worst. KY_EnviroGuy May 2020 #79
Some of us did. hadEnuf May 2020 #80
I've been expecting a major catastrophe for awhile but yes, this is remarkably bad. jimlup May 2020 #81
well I sure did, and this is nothing folks- Tumbulu May 2020 #83
He's only just begun. Vote. Joinfortmill May 2020 #84
Nothing new here, Senator Murphy! tRump is a grifting, day-trader supremacist ... MFGsunny May 2020 #86
I did not expect the pandemic quaker bill May 2020 #89
We are now seeing the chipping away at the groups that are actively against him. Scalded Nun May 2020 #92
Retweeted! TY Sen Chris Murphy! Cha May 2020 #94
I thought it would be nukes and NK RhodeIslandOne May 2020 #97
It can get worse, Senator Murphy. LudwigPastorius May 2020 #98
Yea.....Me either.... Upthevibe May 2020 #99
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