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16. Curiously, I think this is there re-election strategic lever
Fri May 22, 2020, 03:20 PM
May 2020

Or they think it will be. I think their perverted reasoning is to make the charges against the Obama administration appear to be the rot and then to say that Biden is rotten by connection.

They are smart in one way. Now, it will be reported as both candidates have serious scandals and investigations, etc. And they will say (we know this is completely false) that Trump has been completely exonerated and that is because Obama is guilty.

It is complete deceit. But it has worked well for them in the past. They shore up the base and bring in just enough "undecideds" to move the scales close enough so that they can steal the rest.

Unfortunately, it could work for them. I don't think it will be it could ... there is a long time between now and November 3, 2020. Time for them to spin their insane lies.

All right, so Obama is still president! sinkingfeeling May 2020 #1
Still an "unimpeached" president! NM Grins May 2020 #5
Smoke and mirrors . . . Iliyah May 2020 #2
he needs to go bdamomma May 2020 #3
This just shows how desperate they are calguy May 2020 #4
Funny how all this "Obamagate" nonsense perks up AFTER Biden is presumed to be the D nominee NCDem47 May 2020 #6
This shows just how Andy823 May 2020 #7
What a vile shithole. CrispyQ May 2020 #8
Where are his fucking lips? Wtf? Solomon May 2020 #9
Lips Peace06 May 2020 #14
Make sure that "investigation" is super deep on 1 guy called, let me see here... MOSCOW MITCH! Brainfodder May 2020 #10
trump is Impeached you ugly MF moscowmitch Cha May 2020 #11
Moscow Mitch is one of the most disgusting criminal/traitors I have witnessed in my half + decade on RAB910 May 2020 #12
So the House can investigate Mrs Mitch then? Fine with me. dem4decades May 2020 #13
How about the Democratic House investigate Leith May 2020 #15
Curiously, I think this is there re-election strategic lever jimlup May 2020 #16
It's not going to work. BannonsLiver May 2020 #23
We hope to God it won't! jimlup May 2020 #26
What a jowly freak show Blue Owl May 2020 #17
Trash any Reich Wing subpoena like the junk mail they are. kairos12 May 2020 #18
Gosh, Mitch gratuitous May 2020 #19
I must be missing something here. What am I missing? Yavin4 May 2020 #20
This is what's known as a "last ditch" attempt to save a presidency that is likely doomed BannonsLiver May 2020 #24
The party of endless false equivalencies... dlk May 2020 #21
+1 crickets May 2020 #37
McConnell is a real petulant whining bitch which explains why he so cstanleytech May 2020 #22
Deflection SkatmanRoth May 2020 #25
Difference is one is a mobster crook and the other is a law abiding citizen once president Thekaspervote May 2020 #27
Word to the wise: Be careful what you ask for DeminPennswoods May 2020 #28
But the Constitution doesn't apply to Republicans except when they want it to bucolic_frolic May 2020 #29
"You have evidence, so we get to make shit up" C_U_L8R May 2020 #30
The House should start investigating the Turtle. roamer65 May 2020 #31
I am sick sick of looking at his ugly evil face kimbutgar May 2020 #32
McTurtle's actions are simply helping us take control of the Senate in Nov, we should thank him KS Toronado May 2020 #33
LA police investigated Charles Manson SCantiGOP May 2020 #34
"Baseless" impeachment effort budkin May 2020 #35
Moscow Mitch is cool with his Dear Leader who squandered over $400 Million... Lock him up. May 2020 #36
hey Moscow Mitch Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 2020 #38
He really is petty............he will never grow the fuck up.......... turbinetree May 2020 #39
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