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Tue May 5, 2020, 01:27 PM May 2020

So I'm back at work [View all]

After almost a month of being furloughed because of a health scare where I work. I work for one of the cola companies of the world and I got put on store stocking despite that's not what I signed up for when I took this job. I worked in the warehouse loading trucks. But due to shortage, I got put into the danger zone.

Long story short. I'm wearing a mask at my job now because where I live, people just forgot that this pandemic never happened and no one is wearing masks now and the stores do not require anyone to wear one. I'm minding my business and stocking shelves and this asshole walks up to me and tells me to take my mask off as its scaring other patrons. I roll my eyes and initially just ignore the guy. But he gets closer and asks me once again to take my mask off. I looked at him and straight up told him to fuck off and get out of my space. I have a notice on my lanyard to keep 6ft away from me as well.

Man looked shocked and went to tell the store manager. Which he told me I was justified if he violated my space. I'm at the point where my kindness is completely gone and I have no kind words for selfish individuals.

People wear masks and save your lives and the lives of others. Do not listen to these Neanderthals.

Keep safe everyone. This isn't over, not by a long shot

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So I'm back at work [View all] vercetti2021 May 2020 OP
I just heard Katie Tur say that masks stop R B Garr May 2020 #1
I expect more to come like this vercetti2021 May 2020 #8
There are multiple factors at play here IronLionZion May 2020 #17
You are to be applauded for standing your ground! CaliforniaPeggy May 2020 #2
Yep vercetti2021 May 2020 #5
That is crazy, why does the ass care, why say anything. What gets me is you wearing a mask only LizBeth May 2020 #3
People are dicks vercetti2021 May 2020 #10
That is a thought. LizBeth May 2020 #13
Why can't these asshats Ohiogal May 2020 #4
Because I live in a very conservative city vercetti2021 May 2020 #6
And that is how to reply to these bullies. Lars39 May 2020 #7
Exactly vercetti2021 May 2020 #9
Huge props to your boss too for not caving to the bully Lars39 May 2020 #14
My boss isn't the store manager vercetti2021 May 2020 #29
ah,ok Lars39 May 2020 #30
So COVID-iots screaming about freedom, just want theirs, screw yours. Quiet_Dem_Mom May 2020 #11
Just goes to prove the customer ISN'T always right! Totally Tunsie May 2020 #12
Stay safe. ancianita May 2020 #15
I am afraid you're right. We have not seen the end of this yet. Stick to your rights. Be safe. marble falls May 2020 #16
Kudos to you on your handling of the situation. The a-hole needs to mind his business. iluvtennis May 2020 #18
"Well that's just, like, your opinion, man!" NBachers May 2020 #19
Yep pretty much vercetti2021 May 2020 #42
The nerve of some people suggesting to take your mask off Catherine Vincent May 2020 #20
My right to wear a mask.... Fiber Lady May 2020 #21
Good for you! SheltieLover May 2020 #22
I've not had any of these encounters so many here seem to have. cwydro May 2020 #23
I can't do that vercetti2021 May 2020 #40
Oklahoma City Pause May 2020 #24
If you encounter another idiot, you could try saying something like: pnwmom May 2020 #25
I would never do it myself, but taking off the mask RVN VET71 May 2020 #28
That could get me fired vercetti2021 May 2020 #32
Most likely their level is so low you couldn't stoop that far RVN VET71 May 2020 #33
You brought back some fond memories.... renate May 2020 #48
Good job! Buckeye_Democrat May 2020 #26
I personally don't give a shit if people are scared of a mask vercetti2021 May 2020 #31
OSHA Violations ?! Are these companies stupid ?! uponit7771 May 2020 #27
This has been happening to me for over a month now pecosbob May 2020 #34
Well I can get that vercetti2021 May 2020 #39
MY god! Good on you standing for your Safety, Cha May 2020 #35
Yeah the store manager and I are pretty good friends vercetti2021 May 2020 #38
I know nothing makes sense. we just have Cha May 2020 #44
It seems we lost our way vercetti2021 May 2020 #46
Get yourself a pair of clear safety glasses that wrap around the side Blue_true May 2020 #36
Well I would do that but I wear normal glasses vercetti2021 May 2020 #37
Normal glasses are good. Blue_true May 2020 #41
I'm in a real shitty situation vercetti2021 May 2020 #43
It sounds like a difficult situation. Hooefully your employer will be appreciative enough to Blue_true May 2020 #61
They sorta are vercetti2021 May 2020 #62
Stay safe, unfortunately you can't control the decisions people that you come across Blue_true May 2020 #64
I won't vercetti2021 May 2020 #65
Gotta say - maybe u should consider journalism or a career in writing Shaddox May 2020 #45
Funny you mention that vercetti2021 May 2020 #47
You're a treasure eleny May 2020 #49
Thank you for this, vercetti. calimary May 2020 #50
The virus goes to work every day Larissa May 2020 #51
Glad for the manager's sanity, at least. JudyM May 2020 #52
This is what conservatives are sharing on facebook Andy Carr May 2020 #53
Mikovits is a quack anti-vaxxer so of course she's getting air time these days Arazi May 2020 #57
I can easily see a new MAGAt trend of ripping off people's masks Celerity May 2020 #54
I went to go pick up some dinner the other day... Initech May 2020 #55
... Celerity May 2020 #56
Ah, I can hardly wait for the new round of anecdotes now. cwydro May 2020 #58
video would clear up most veracity issues, if that was your point (admittedly video can be faked) Celerity May 2020 #59
If someone does that vercetti2021 May 2020 #63
Good for your store manager. Hortensis May 2020 #60
You should be getting hazardous duty pay, IMO and..... KY_EnviroGuy May 2020 #66
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