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Drunken Irishman

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Fri May 1, 2020, 06:37 PM May 2020

It's not the right who's running the hit job on Joe Biden. [View all]

It's the left.

They're the ones who trotted out Tara Reade, despite the fact her story had inconsistencies.

They're the ones who gave her a platform to air out her allegations.

They're the ones who are quick to reply to anyone who dares question why her brother's story has changed twice to different publications (telling ABC that he was made aware of these allegations THIS spring, before sending a text message and clarifying Tara had actually told him back when it happened - to telling the Washington Post that Tara had come to him about Biden touching her neck and shoulders and that she did feel harassed, to clarifying, via text message again, a few days later that, actually, Tara had told him she was sexually assaulted) rape apologists or women haters or fascists - without even accepting the small possibility Tara might be lying.

They're the ones who conveniently ignore Tara's 2019 story. Or respond in nasty language when you mention the fact Tara has given three reasons for leaving Biden's office - that she left when her then husband (boyfriend?) relocated to the midwest to work on a campaign, which changed to her being let go by Biden's staff for refusing to serve drinks at a party (and even admitting that it's possible Biden didn't even know why she was let go) to finally, Biden firing her because she complained about him to his staff (and made a formal complaint, which no one can find) about the assault.

They trot out evidence that actually contradicts her story - like the Larry King interview, which, just back in March, Tara Reade was claiming existed (she was right) but the content of what existed was entirely different than what she was alleging (she stated, back in March, her mom called into Larry King and talked about how Tara was sexually assaulted by a senator, and then fired shortly after because of it). The Larry King call did mention a senator, and potential harassment, but nothing about the person being fired (or any type of retaliation) or the sexual assault. In fact, Tara's mother even said she didn't want to go to someone out of respect for the Senator.

They freak out when you mention Tara's support of Biden in 2017, as if that's not relevant, often recounting their own sexual assaults.

They inundate you with the idea of #BelieveAllWomen, even when you have no history of ever stating such claim (which I haven't - despite being told over and over I have by these liberals), when you poke holes in the story of the other supposed corroborating witness, a woman who only mentions Tara felt she was being sexually harassed - and didn't mention anything about the sexual assault.

They call you sexist, a hypocrite, rapist, rapist defender, when you ask why, in almost every universal early account, the topic had nothing to do with assault but instead some form of workplace harassment. And the one person who magically remembers (beyond the dead mother), openly states she hadn't spoken with Reade for a while until recently, when Reade called her to ask if she remembered that story she told about Biden (also, this person heard that story, believes Tara, believes it happened ... and yet still manages to vote for Biden?) - triggering someone's memory by asking if they recall something is an easy way to manipulate what they actually remember.

To be sure, the GOP and Trump supporters have no problem running with this story. A certain subset of liberals have given them the ball at the one yard line and told 'em to go run it into the end zone.

I even had to unfollow a staunch liberal on twitter today because he tweeted at the GOP and Tucker Carlson to get them to see a tweet about Biden. Imagine thinking of running to Tucker Fucking Carlson just to smear Joe Biden.

And the right will run with it because they realize the Hunter Biden thing didn't stick.

I'm okay with that. I don't give two shits what the right does to smear Joe Biden because I trust he can overcome it.

What amazes me is how fucking dumb some on the left are to be consumed with an obviously error-filled story. But then I realized - they're not dumb. I bet, if you really got down to it, most these people probably have severe doubts about Tara's story. How could you not? There's more discrediting it than anything that makes her credible. The problem isn't their stupidity - the problem is THAT THEY DON'T CARE.

They are so bitter and upset over Biden being the nominee that they will do just about everything to bring him down. This is their motive. And it's co-opted the #MeToo movement and that is fucking disgusting.

It's not the right running this hit job. They will eventually. But fortunately for them, all the dirty work will have been done by the far-left activists on Twitter and other areas of social media.

And these people have their little slogans like the MAGA freaks to help identify them.

Every one of these assholes has as 🌹 next to their twitter name.

A 🌹 for bullshit, underhanded, slimy, cowardly, Roveian like tactics.

Fuck them.

And if you want to go down the rabbit hole of liberals promoting this bullshit story because you somehow can't buy that 'they' would do such a thing, have it:



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True, but the right is helping to spread the smear . . Iliyah May 2020 #1
Joy Reid has a theory Gothmog May 2020 #2
It's not hard to tell what's really going on Major Nikon May 2020 #70
I live in a town which is a hotbed of Bernie supporters.... Sogo May 2020 #81
The Delaware documents are the new "but her emails" underpants May 2020 #3
Oh, bull. The few involved from the left are the same morons who were manipulated by Squinch May 2020 #4
It started on the left. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #6
I'm not the one being fooled. Squinch May 2020 #7
Prove it then. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #12
This has been floating around for a long, long time. Trump needs a distraction. Squinch May 2020 #15
It hasn't been floating around a long, long time. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #26
Katie Halper? Cha May 2020 #36
Yep. Katie Halper "broke" the latest version of Reade's story, where she changed it to "rape." ehrnst May 2020 #43
The interview where Reade changed her accusation to rape was with Katie Halper ehrnst May 2020 #42
Thank you for that, ehrnst.. oh it started Cha May 2020 #63
I believe that GOP opps people handed this information over to Halper and Grim octoberlib May 2020 #9
Could be, but likely she would be more impelled by a source closer to her heart. ehrnst May 2020 #44
BJG and Sirota have been pushing this and they were BS' Cha May 2020 #22
Oh and The Intercept and cenk's justice dems, too.. Cha May 2020 #25
The exact same people Putin and Cambridge Analytica used last time. Squinch May 2020 #30
One of Reade's "coach's"... Cha May 2020 #32
Where was the DSA when Masha Mendieta blew the whistle? lapucelle May 2020 #49
Being hypocrites.. Cha May 2020 #53
I think so too! subana May 2020 #46
They don't care about sexual assault. This is all about getting Biden removed to make way for octoberlib May 2020 #5
Past is prologue. In the past BS himself has been implicated. Have to doubt whether empedocles May 2020 #8
Are you implying the Bernie Sanders is part of this situation? Caliman73 May 2020 #16
Bernie's not a Democrat so it would not violate the TOS. octoberlib May 2020 #19
Suggest you read the TOS Caliman73 May 2020 #29
Irrelevant. I am not talking about Bernie. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #33
I am not responding to you in the reply above. Caliman73 May 2020 #41
No. I am saying a good amount of his supporters are the ones behind this. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #23
But do you mean people with any real power? Caliman73 May 2020 #39
This whole story became a thing because one had the power to publish her accusations. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #45
Thank you! Caliman73 May 2020 #56
Let's not BGBD May 2020 #121
Suggesting that given BS's history, would absolultely not simply rule out BS present empedocles May 2020 #28
Bullshit RandiFan1290 May 2020 #10
Prove it. Cha May 2020 #17
Either respond or buzz off. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #24
Who are all these unnamed "they" people procon May 2020 #11
Sure. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #18
Twitter? So your entire rant is based on stuff you procon May 2020 #37
I am not asking for your validation. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #48
Tell yourself that had Katie not picked it up, no one else would. LanternWaste May 2020 #84
I didn't say that, either. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #87
yup Historic NY May 2020 #98
That is a very long post with a lot of "they" and not many details. Caliman73 May 2020 #13
I am not going to hold your hand and walk you through this. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #21
I rarely go on Facebook, but lately I have been checking in just to see what is going on smirkymonkey May 2020 #14
I've had several Bernie supporting friends Mz Pip May 2020 #20
That is a shame. There is a segment on the far left who see moderates as the enemy. Caliman73 May 2020 #27
Been saying this for a while. WinstonSmith4740 May 2020 #55
Excellent piece HarlanPepper May 2020 #31
my how we eat our own. perfect the enemy of the good...etc NRaleighLiberal May 2020 #34
We always have. AtheistCrusader May 2020 #52
Valid self-criticism brings discipline. LanternWaste May 2020 #86
It never fails padah513 May 2020 #54
The extremists who started this are not my "own" Cha May 2020 #69
NOT. It is the right RUNNING a false Left. Parscale's try at triggering Democrats. The Doubt Machine ancianita May 2020 #35
Katie Harper is not the 'false left'. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #50
Then say that. Dis her and dismiss her. How is she a real Democrat. ancianita May 2020 #57
I didn't say anything about Democrats. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #76
Your OP said "You." ancianita May 2020 #105
I didn't say anything about Democrats spreading this. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #107
Name the liberal who started it. The self-proclaimed liberal, Katie Harper? ancianita May 2020 #108
I did name her. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #109
You did. ancianita May 2020 #111
reminds me of Robert Mueller.. stillcool May 2020 #38
Libertarians have picked it up ismnotwasm May 2020 #40
K+R emmaverybo May 2020 #47
Bullcrap. It's posts like this that are dividing us. Nt garybeck May 2020 #51
It's the truth.. how can the facts "divide us"? It's the Cha May 2020 #66
It's the goddam Mossfern May 2020 #58
Started from the left? Them liberals? Is this an Onion article? nt yaesu May 2020 #59
Yeah, the extremists.. Cha May 2020 #104
Be sure to read Biden's statement. LAS14 May 2020 #60
who? Cryptoad May 2020 #61
Like with other smears in the past, lefties start it, RW puts it out there robbedvoter May 2020 #62
More like the right-wing and far-left rockfordfile May 2020 #64
Agree. It's contant on FAUX News SharonClark May 2020 #68
Very True, Sir The Magistrate May 2020 #65
The Left is not divided. The Right wants to make the Left think it's divided. Buy that, and they win ancianita May 2020 #67
That's true, it was the Bernie left that was pushing it Hav May 2020 #71
Sanders needs to expose the whole conspiracy DenverJared May 2020 #72
This is intended to drive a wedge into Biden's base Ellen Forradalom May 2020 #73
OMFG--Mika on Morning Joe crimycarny May 2020 #74
This post is participating in the circular firing squad Bucky May 2020 #75
We kinda do know who's behind it. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #78
we have seen who is pushing it and who/what they supported/opposed before JI7 May 2020 #110
Populists share common tactics. BlueIdaho May 2020 #77
Yeah it's the "Bernie or Bust" crowd. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 2020 #79
I'm a leftist, liberal, union, socialist, retired asshole who has voted democratic since 1980. johnthewoodworker May 2020 #80
Maybe when the prominent socialists stop pushing the story. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #92
I'm a socialist. johnthewoodworker May 2020 #97
All Of Us Here Are On The Left, Sir The Magistrate May 2020 #96
We are all liberals on the Left, Sir. But not all the Left are liberals. ancianita May 2020 #114
True Enough, Ma'am The Magistrate May 2020 #115
I lulz'd KG May 2020 #82
You also kicked the thread.. Cha May 2020 #103
Don't conflate a few useful idiots as The Left. LanternWaste May 2020 #83
A few useful idiots is how we got into this mess. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #90
Vote for Joe. warmfeet May 2020 #85
Trust me, I will. (nt) Paladin May 2020 #88
K&R betsuni May 2020 #89
Yes it is (I didn't bother to read your wall-o-text). demmiblue May 2020 #91
Too bad. It's probably the best thing you'll ever read. Drunken Irishman May 2020 #93
Lol... nah. demmiblue May 2020 #99
But you did bother to get on This thread to show how much Concern Cha May 2020 #101
Smearing real Democrats is what many Progressive dog May 2020 #94
THEY ARE the ASSHOLES who were never Biden... Historic NY May 2020 #95
Nope, The sock puppet fake left is doing this. PurgedVoter May 2020 #100
Anybody find it telling that 🌹 Twitter is peddling this hit job.. Cha May 2020 #102
+1. The Big Lie will be repeated by trolls and operatives until it becomes truth dalton99a May 2020 #113
The BernOuts were pushing this crap for a while Galraedia May 2020 #106
No disrespect to you, but I'm trashing all the Tara stories from now on tavernier May 2020 #112
I'm with you. This just does not help us or Joe. We're solid. We need to act that way. ancianita May 2020 #116
Here are two examples from Jezebel, supposedly a feminist progressive site. betsuni May 2020 #117
Its the Bernie bros too zak247 May 2020 #118
If this issue was going to crop up... VarryOn May 2020 #119
Biden is running against Republicans DFW May 2020 #123
Never pretty.... VarryOn May 2020 #124
I'm keeping a list BGBD May 2020 #120
kick lamp_shade May 2020 #122
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