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It looks like she has all of the qualifications TexasTowelie Apr 2020 #1
That's it! Walleye Apr 2020 #14
White Nationalist Launches Senate Run in Delaware Celerity Apr 2020 #2
It's pretty bad when the white shirt can't keep up with the 'natural' teeth. TheBlackAdder Apr 2020 #3
Songify This - I'M NOT A WITCH - sung by Christine O'Donnell Celerity Apr 2020 #4
I was just thinking about Christine O'Donnell and how she destroyed the Delaware Republican Party. Walleye Apr 2020 #5
Laurel jberryhill Apr 2020 #6
That figures. They were the dirtiest players in fold hockey when I was in school. Still are. Walleye Apr 2020 #7
But she went to Goldey jberryhill Apr 2020 #8
Laurel High School? Dirty players. Caesar Rodney Riders still beat them. Walleye Apr 2020 #9
Ah, Delmar apparently jberryhill Apr 2020 #11
Ah. After my time. Walleye Apr 2020 #13
Sheesh ... she really gives us junkies a bad name ... (nt) mr_lebowski Apr 2020 #10
Good one. Walleye Apr 2020 #15
Dear Mz Witzke bubbazero Apr 2020 #12
I love these "end no-fault divorce!" morans jmowreader Apr 2020 #16
Well done. nt chowder66 Apr 2020 #23
Done a lot in her short life canetoad Apr 2020 #17
What makes you believe that's her? jberryhill Apr 2020 #18
Is The Correct Answer... ProfessorGAC Apr 2020 #19
Lol, that's funny, but jberryhill Apr 2020 #20
I Get That ProfessorGAC Apr 2020 #21
I dunno .... marble falls Jul 2020 #32
She's admitted to being a drug addict jmowreader Apr 2020 #24
It's on brand jberryhill Apr 2020 #25
May be a semi-common name, but when you multiply that by the % of people who are heroin addicts mr_lebowski Apr 2020 #28
She is qualified to be a right winger for sure AmericanCanuck Apr 2020 #22
"Those who divorce will lose all benefits" Takket Apr 2020 #26
Well, she is crazy. marble falls Jul 2020 #31
LSD... DEbluedude Apr 2020 #27
I actually agree with her on something Jake Stern Apr 2020 #29
Lauren's mugshot ReallyLauren Jul 2020 #30
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