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14. I agree, but don't know how one "fairly evaluates" public school teachers.
Tue Sep 11, 2012, 01:33 PM
Sep 2012

Now, if they let teachers pick their students (ha, that would be private schools), or be guaranteed a learning-ability spectrum within normal range (nope, called "tracking&quot , or actually give them books and materials and assistance (sorry, no money...pull out your own credit card), then perhaps. We lived through the 32 per classroom years and am thankful for lower class sizes in the elementary schools that came later, at least in California.

A "good teacher" can get a seriously "bad class" and it's not that hard because we could not (at least then) retain/fail children who lag behind for intellectual, family, language, disability or cultural reasons. They just get passed on up. I recommended two 1st graders for retention because after being almost privately tutored by the half-time aide I had (who got cut the next year), they still could not understand the most basic tools ... shape recognition and number concept...crucial to reading and arithmetic.

Also recommended a 3rd student who was clearly intelligent, but spoke no English, came in late in the year and needed to get 1st grade concepts to move on. Even his parents and the ESL teacher agreed. He probably would have made it anyway, but it would have been better for his future educational development. Can you imagine the "test results" of these kids that year and the next?

Refused on all 3.

Also, I had 2-3 students who were reading at 3-4th grade level, parents involved, motivated, etc. I am sad to say that they pretty much taught themselves...and did very well on the tests. This was just one year. After 5 years, I got tired and decided to work for a living wage.

Sorry for the rant. Maybe it's different today. As they say, It's Complicated.

None of the above. They should let Chicago politicians & the teacher's union work this out. jillan Sep 2012 #1
it's an issue with national repercussions, and even if teachers stick to local resources... yurbud Sep 2012 #5
It's A Union Issue... KharmaTrain Sep 2012 #17
Absolutely. randome Sep 2012 #25
He'll have to decide what will do him the most good politically rocktivity Sep 2012 #2
I disagree standingtall Sep 2012 #22
I posted a shorter version as a White House petition: yurbud Sep 2012 #3
Well tama Sep 2012 #4
the real challenge won't come until they can no longer pretend the corpse of the GOP is twisting yurbud Sep 2012 #6
Remember Oaxaca tama Sep 2012 #9
I hope you're right. yurbud Sep 2012 #26
I think Obama should not be commenting on this. However, I feel Arne Duncan mfcorey1 Sep 2012 #7
How about tama Sep 2012 #11
I agree, but don't know how one "fairly evaluates" public school teachers. cr8tvlde Sep 2012 #14
If only there was such a thing as a 'generic teacher's ... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #15
And there was Rahm during the DNC looking awe stricken at the speakers... cr8tvlde Sep 2012 #8
People should always come before profit. porphyrian Sep 2012 #10
can you imagine if we applied the same kind of "accountability" to Wall Street as we do public yurbud Sep 2012 #12
Ha! I'd love that - profits tied to their "report card..." n/t porphyrian Sep 2012 #13
a) which people? lumberjack_jeff Sep 2012 #16
All people, all profit. porphyrian Sep 2012 #19
I work in the largest Illinois elementary district outside chicago Gabi Hayes Sep 2012 #18
We are still the majority, and in an information age, power can't be consolidated yurbud Sep 2012 #20
This administration and the president have *already* taken their stand, by continuing & intensifying HiPointDem Sep 2012 #21
it's worth drawing attention to the fact that it's different than what Democratic voters want yurbud Sep 2012 #23
agreed. HiPointDem Sep 2012 #24
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