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68. Charlie Rose Show on PBS the evening of 9/11/01.
Tue Sep 11, 2012, 03:07 AM
Sep 2012

with Steven Emerson, Tom Clancy, John Edwards, Judith Miller, Samuel Berger, Richard Holbrooke, Wesley Clark and Ephraim Sneh
in Current Affairs

on Tuesday, September 11, 2001


So: who has known about this, and for how long? n/t gkhouston Sep 2012 #1
Exactly...There used to be a link circa 2001/2002 that I sent to Bushbots deutsey Sep 2012 #111
THIS bombshell just lost the election for Romney. This is worse then what they did to the economy.. jillan Sep 2012 #2
Repukes do not read the NYT burrowowl Sep 2012 #6
I don't think this story is going to go away. It's going to reach far and wide. jillan Sep 2012 #15
Saudi Arabia! Rosa Luxemburg Sep 2012 #225
Agreed Sherman A1 Sep 2012 #80
In fact, I do not think they read at all, They get all the info they need from Fox. smirkymonkey Sep 2012 #217
And remember a percentage of Ohio Repukes ladym55 Sep 2012 #240
Fortunately for Romney, the majority of Republicans think Romney killed bin Laden. BlueStreak Sep 2012 #23
lol avaistheone1 Sep 2012 #56
Not funny krawhitham Sep 2012 #64
omg. They are really THAT stupid. avaistheone1 Sep 2012 #67
I don't disagree, but I think a chunk of that number... JHB Sep 2012 #101
Except for one thing... caraher Sep 2012 #172
I covered that... JHB Sep 2012 #187
No. They are that racist. Nobody is that stupid. BlueStreak Sep 2012 #155
If only we could harness the power of stupidity, we'd have an endless source of energy. tclambert Sep 2012 #181
in North Carolina RainbowOverTexas Sep 2012 #145
Maybe in the more "special" areas of my state lexx21 Sep 2012 #292
No one who doesn't already believe it will believe it LadyHawkAZ Sep 2012 #27
I agree get the red out Sep 2012 #130
Bingo tavalon Sep 2012 #138
I believe that black ops have been used for many years to bbgrunt Sep 2012 #146
what's a 'ct'? eom ellenfl Sep 2012 #166
conspiracy theory n/t LadyHawkAZ Sep 2012 #171
ah, thanks. my mind was blank! eom ellenfl Sep 2012 #174
Conspiracy Theory get the red out Sep 2012 #185
Yes, blame the people... ensemble Sep 2012 #213
I don't blame anybody but the top get the red out Sep 2012 #221
so the people who question the official story... ensemble Sep 2012 #223
No, not most get the red out Sep 2012 #264
No. To the Republicans, this is ancient history. And they have never blamed Bush, & won't.nt Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #28
They CAN'T blame Bush! They don't even remember him! n/t Beartracks Sep 2012 #53
Remember who? Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #149
Good loyalsister Sep 2012 #186
There's no bombshell here, it's old info in an opinion piece ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2012 #69
It is not "old info". speedoo Sep 2012 #76
2 things: 1) the author referes to unreleased breifings... JHB Sep 2012 #105
It may be a bombshell to lots of people who dared not look too closely when the experience was still Overseas Sep 2012 #249
Good to Hear gussmith Sep 2012 #73
But Robme had nothing to do with any of that.. regnaD kciN Sep 2012 #91
Not if you highlight all the neocons among his foreign policy advisors JHB Sep 2012 #106
Gov. Rmoney You Have Many Advisors On Your Staff That Ignored The Threats Of 9/11 Before.... global1 Sep 2012 #115
Unfortunately our bipartisan president will never mention any of this. Doctor_J Sep 2012 #121
Conservatives are working overtime Catherine Vincent Sep 2012 #162
That picture of bush is a picture of total failure thelordofhell Sep 2012 #3
"Failure" implies his goal was something other than what happened. n/t Scootaloo Sep 2012 #19
Thank you. DemocratsForProgress Sep 2012 #62
Nicely Done! Nostradammit Sep 2012 #86
I believe that a significant factor was his administration was dominated by PNAC neo-cons. olegramps Sep 2012 #126
Not quite an inside job Iwasthere Sep 2012 #4
Yep, I wouldn't be surprised if they let it happen on purpose. nt Comrade_McKenzie Sep 2012 #11
I have believed this (LIHOP) almost since day one. kestrel91316 Sep 2012 #31
You, me, and half of the people in this country. Major Hogwash Sep 2012 #39
Way, way, way too much evidence. StrictlyRockers Sep 2012 #47
Compounded by the way he and his warmongering ghouls exploited the attack for political gain. calimary Sep 2012 #87
Very well said, calimari. StrictlyRockers Sep 2012 #154
But that kind of "conspiracy" talk is verboten here. kenny blankenship Sep 2012 #280
I didn't suspect fowl play on day one but over time the 'explanations' didn't snappyturtle Sep 2012 #131
At the very LEAST LIHOP RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #134
6) It happened before. jeff47 Sep 2012 #177
Not to mention, never, before or since has a similar building RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #193
Fire hot jeff47 Sep 2012 #201
Kerosene burns at 800 degrees F. RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #212
House fires regularly get to 2000 degrees. Nothing in a house burns at 2000 degrees. jeff47 Sep 2012 #258
Plastics RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #265
According to your WTC theory, burning for a long time is irrelevant. jeff47 Sep 2012 #266
If there was such extreme force and impact RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #269
Because that poster is an idiot. jeff47 Sep 2012 #273
Are you saying that RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #277
I'm saying that you alternate scenario requires the spools to fall over too. jeff47 Sep 2012 #284
Wrong. Even at 800 degrees, steel loses significant strength. Thegonagle Sep 2012 #290
Why? Because NIST says so? n/t RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #293
"Popular science" was a paid-for LIE. Steel does not melt from airplane fuel. Period. WinkyDink Sep 2012 #237
Astandard house fire regularly reaches 2000 degrees. jeff47 Sep 2012 #259
The steel was rated to 3600 degrees F RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #270
No, it wasn't. jeff47 Sep 2012 #275
Not 2500, but 2750 degrees F RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #276
So not 3600 as you previously claimed jeff47 Sep 2012 #283
Physical evidence RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #287
My point is you claim foresics were not done just after you talk about the results of forensics. jeff47 Sep 2012 #294
Exactly right. Thegonagle Sep 2012 #289
My Aunt Dibby was in the Empire State Building Mapletonian Sep 2012 #203
She survived in a building that wasn't hit? Who didn't? WinkyDink Sep 2012 #238
Who didn't? librarylu Sep 2012 #245
Ya might wanna read more carefully. jeff47 Sep 2012 #260
Hell, yes. I predicted it a FULL YEAR before it happened. TahitiNut Sep 2012 #248
In the fall of 2000 before the election dispute was settled I saw how vicious the kestrel91316 Sep 2012 #254
I posted my prediction to Usenet in September 2000. TahitiNut Sep 2012 #267
I believe in "let it happen" Jawja Sep 2012 #109
He is a very friendly with the Saudis Rosa Luxemburg Sep 2012 #251
The look on Bush's face ... Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #179
exactly. nt snappyturtle Sep 2012 #184
Seconded. WinkyDink Sep 2012 #239
I've been thinking.... librarylu Sep 2012 #247
Spam deleted by Warren DeMontague (MIR Team) parazito86 Sep 2012 #296
Me neither. kenny blankenship Sep 2012 #281
Except that still doesn't explain buildings free-falling down into their own tracks, esp. WTC7. 99th_Monkey Sep 2012 #60
The scientific community, common sense, and gravity say you're wrong. cpwm17 Sep 2012 #85
So you obviously did not watch the video, right? ~nt 99th_Monkey Sep 2012 #92
Richard Gage is a well known huckster cpwm17 Sep 2012 #95
Yah, Gage sounds like a real nutcase 99th_Monkey Sep 2012 #98
You forgot the "sarcasm" tag RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #135
I used to think he was a nutcase William Seger Sep 2012 #137
Please post some links... ensemble Sep 2012 #216
The Purdue Site librarylu Sep 2012 #246
For Richard Gage debunking? William Seger Sep 2012 #268
He's A Grandstanding Buffoon ProfessorGAC Sep 2012 #139
don't know if Gage is credible or not but... ensemble Sep 2012 #218
Really Silly ProfessorGAC Sep 2012 #288
Got an example or two of something he's said that's been disproven? freedom fighter jh Sep 2012 #229
Of course there's a reason these building fell William Seger Sep 2012 #272
Please name a "real expert" or two. freedom fighter jh Sep 2012 #291
====> William Seger Sep 2012 #295
the guy who was responsible for the design of the attack was..... madrchsod Sep 2012 #164
Thanks for posting this newfie11 Sep 2012 #168
Where, exactly, would the force come from to tip the building over? jeff47 Sep 2012 #178
I'm not certain that I'm clear on what you are asking 99th_Monkey Sep 2012 #211
Read your own subject line. jeff47 Sep 2012 #256
The force to tip the building over would have come RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #250
That would be possible in an instant collapse. But the buildings didn't collapse immediately. (nt) jeff47 Sep 2012 #257
LIHOP SammyWinstonJack Sep 2012 #113
Yeah, I've been torn mostly between the LIHOP theory deutsey Sep 2012 #114
I Think You're Missing Occam's Razor ProfessorGAC Sep 2012 #140
I've considered that too deutsey Sep 2012 #142
I'd buy incompetence newspeak Sep 2012 #147
Shameless opportunism is not incompatible with arrogant... JHB Sep 2012 #196
Not missing Occam's Razor. I'm afraid some of us are missing RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #194
This is not a situation to be explained with Occam's Razor dreamnightwind Sep 2012 #200
"LIHOP" is a form of inside job. JackRiddler Sep 2012 #278
Recommended. NYC_SKP Sep 2012 #5
The neocons really thought that bin Laden was trying to protect Saddam Hussein? TwilightGardener Sep 2012 #7
Bin Laden hated Saddam Hussein. And I'm sure they knew that. They counted on the ignorance sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #34
They struggled mightily to make a connection between OBL and Hussein in the aftermath. TwilightGardener Sep 2012 #41
I disagree. caseymoz Sep 2012 #42
Well, I think Rumsfeld and Cheney certainly knew. They knew Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #54
+1 nt. polly7 Sep 2012 #99
Don't be so sure - Bush did not know the difference between Sunni and Shia - while he was CiC while jillan Sep 2012 #48
Saddam saw that his control would be dogday Sep 2012 #226
"Neocons in the Pentagon" refers to a disinformation group, OSP, who also fabricated Iraq & Iran WMD leveymg Sep 2012 #104
Administration of Fools Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #8
Its still makes me f--king mad.....they thought they were so superior to everyone. Historic NY Sep 2012 #9
My how times have Changed! It was the NYT and Judy Cha Sep 2012 #10
yeah, let's not forget that some of our corporate owned networks newspeak Sep 2012 #148
I stopped watching all "news" on Cha Sep 2012 #190
FUCK that fucking fuck............. Bennyboy Sep 2012 #12
And, Later Along Comes President Obama and Cha Sep 2012 #13
If Bush had 'found' Bin Ladin then it would have been all over the media for months Rosa Luxemburg Sep 2012 #232
If the administration wanted them to have it out there RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #279
LIHOP. vanlassie Sep 2012 #14
agree Slit Skirt Sep 2012 #26
+1 tama Sep 2012 #84
Absolutely. intheflow Sep 2012 #103
After reading Paul Thompson's "The Terror Timeline" . . . HughBeaumont Sep 2012 #122
Yes. nt ladjf Sep 2012 #128
Agree... KansDem Sep 2012 #129
+1 noiretextatique Sep 2012 #191
They needed their "new Pearl Harbor" -- Hell Hath No Fury Sep 2012 #199
+ 1,000,000,000... What You Said !!! WillyT Sep 2012 #207
Even after this article from the Times dogday Sep 2012 #228
Yup. nt City Lights Sep 2012 #274
Go back to sleep. Arctic Dave Sep 2012 #16
Operation Northwoods Version 2.0 Ghost in the Machine Sep 2012 #17
And STILL there are idiots out there claiming Bush will be vindicated by future doc releases Sheepshank Sep 2012 #18
Same ones that think there are WMD yet to be found....nt abelenkpe Sep 2012 #38
I could never understand how Bush and his wife could sleep that night young_at_heart Sep 2012 #20
they even laughed about it n.t grasswire Sep 2012 #37
If Bush had not stolen the election Hey Jude Sep 2012 #21
Repeated warnings-not investigated, not publicized, but ignored. No heightened alert. No chance TwilightGardener Sep 2012 #32
How fascist of you. longship Sep 2012 #46
No Way. The Republicans would have opposed every move to protect America Berlum Sep 2012 #97
read up on fbi agents like colleen rowely newspeak Sep 2012 #150
Enjoy your stay ! nt eppur_se_muova Sep 2012 #158
Right, just like the Japanese in WWII sakabatou Sep 2012 #231
President Gore would have read his Briefings. And he would have thwarted Cheney's plans. WinkyDink Sep 2012 #242
Not really "news" Sedona Sep 2012 #22
Yes. n/t RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #132
So? Keep on them about it... JHB Sep 2012 #198
But it was too painful for many to hear at the time. Overseas Sep 2012 #252
They knew it was coming Slit Skirt Sep 2012 #24
If I were Obama I'd have these briefings declassified in a heartbeat NCcoast Sep 2012 #25
I don't think he has the balls to do this - and he should. THIS should be the end of the Republican jillan Sep 2012 #36
look what we got out of it... Slit Skirt Sep 2012 #29
And one of the first things bu$h did when he occupied the White House Art_from_Ark Sep 2012 #63
at least this means oldtime dfl_er Sep 2012 #30
It's time to charge her with perjury. speedoo Sep 2012 #75
The real question here is what is going to be done about this? Are we just going to turn away? jillan Sep 2012 #33
this article hasn't hit freerepublic yet.... grasswire Sep 2012 #35
Love it! robbob Sep 2012 #167
To make amends for this bush sent $600 checks to everybody The_Casual_Observer Sep 2012 #40
doesn't NYT have a comments section? grasswire Sep 2012 #43
Some articles don't have comments--I wish this one did. TwilightGardener Sep 2012 #44
Must be hot tub night... MercutioATC Sep 2012 #45
This message was self-deleted by its author Hissyspit Sep 2012 #51
Not hardly. Neo-cons practically flat-out said they wanted this: Hissyspit Sep 2012 #52
Damn, Hissyspit PopeOxycontinI Sep 2012 #58
They are war-mongers and they don't think they have anything to hide cpwm17 Sep 2012 #72
From a practical standpoint, LIHOP and MIHOP are the same thing MercutioATC Sep 2012 #61
No they're not. Hissyspit Sep 2012 #65
I don't mean to condescend, but you don't understand the mechanics of it. MercutioATC Sep 2012 #81
And I was standing in the plaza at the World Trade Center on August 11, 2001 Hissyspit Sep 2012 #88
I'll certainly agree with "LIH" (Let It Happen) MercutioATC Sep 2012 #169
Except to do so served the nefarious intent to bring down this nation. snappyturtle Sep 2012 #176
Well, that's just it. Intent is extremely hard to prove. Hissyspit Sep 2012 #209
Naivete. Did you happen to read of the REVELATIONS about what the US did re: Katyn Forest? WinkyDink Sep 2012 #241
LIHOP and MIHOP are very different William Seger Sep 2012 #159
At what point do MIHOP and LIHOP diverge? Nostradammit Sep 2012 #90
I've always wondered why they felt it important to tell the Saudi ambassador it was a go polly7 Sep 2012 #255
The most expensive national security system in the world breaking down is not that simple. Overseas Sep 2012 #253
Definitave proof that it was at the very least LIHOP... Indi Guy Sep 2012 #49
Hell yeah, Indi Guy PopeOxycontinI Sep 2012 #59
"Sorry boys, we're busy doing tax cuts now." moondust Sep 2012 #50
Too damn true! avaistheone1 Sep 2012 #55
K&R Firebrand Gary Sep 2012 #57
This is an op-ed piece. There is nothing new here ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2012 #66
Wrong. speedoo Sep 2012 #78
Wrong. Hissyspit Sep 2012 #89
Charlie Rose Show on PBS the evening of 9/11/01. PufPuf23 Sep 2012 #68
Known Foreign Intelligence warnings prior to 9/11 Ian62 Sep 2012 #70
John O'Neill knew hollysmom Sep 2012 #71
This is a VERY surprising development that Obama Ian62 Sep 2012 #74
Somebody could have imagined... BeyondGeography Sep 2012 #77
K&R myrna minx Sep 2012 #79
Thank you. DemocratsForProgress Sep 2012 #82
I think so! Segami Sep 2012 #108
The only bombshell is that it's being believed now. Waiting For Everyman Sep 2012 #83
Thank you. This is what I believe also. Like I said up thread.....it was just snappyturtle Sep 2012 #182
The mass hypnosis induced by the 9/11 searing event is wearing off Kaleko Sep 2012 #286
But but but malaise Sep 2012 #93
This is what happens when rethugs cheat, elect an incompetent, focus on their own fat mfcorey1 Sep 2012 #94
The freaking Republicans FAILED America so miserably Berlum Sep 2012 #96
LIHOP, quite possibly, MadHound Sep 2012 #100
One or the other Berlum Sep 2012 #102
one official suggested that the staff put in for a transfer .... underpants Sep 2012 #107
Speculation on my part: did this sort of situation help along the torture? JHB Sep 2012 #110
You are exactly right. CTC head Cofer Black (later at Blackwater) set up and ran the torture and leveymg Sep 2012 #112
I think this was proactive CYA underpants Sep 2012 #210
Now if they would only admit it was Bush/Cheney behind the Anthrax attacks. n/t Ganja Ninja Sep 2012 #116
They had to retrieve something from the mail... hunter Sep 2012 #165
I assume this is why there had to be story about Obama not attending briefings much of Blue Meany Sep 2012 #117
Exactly, the false equivalence meme CNN loves. Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2012 #170
when you refuse to believe experts that isn't "negligence" KurtNYC Sep 2012 #118
Sept. 11, 2001 brought to us all by the US Supreme Court Botany Sep 2012 #119
Treason, murder, deriliction of duty Doctor_J Sep 2012 #120
Pentagon pushed back, huh? Octafish Sep 2012 #123
Some of the "uniforms" on the JCS staff did. Mr. Licky Comb is a Bush political appointee, leveymg Sep 2012 #127
These guys should be in jail Rosa Luxemburg Sep 2012 #234
BTW, History can also thank John Kerry. He kept taking GHWBush to court to get PDBs released blm Sep 2012 #124
Google Marvin Bush panader0 Sep 2012 #125
You can thank PNAC for this. Crowman1979 Sep 2012 #133
So DUer "truthers" are no longer being smeared as "conspiracy theorists" consigned to the dungeon? riderinthestorm Sep 2012 #136
Bush responsible clangsnwhoops Sep 2012 #141
Want to really blow your mind? Rider3 Sep 2012 #143
the opening chapter of that book is as compelling a passage Gabi Hayes Sep 2012 #180
i believe President Gore would have stopped the attacks before they occured samsingh Sep 2012 #144
It wasn't negligence. Everything went as planned. nt valerief Sep 2012 #151
This story was buried, and didn't show up on today's NY Times homepage. JPZenger Sep 2012 #152
So this won't get locked as promoting CTs? EOTE Sep 2012 #153
I agree that DU's censorship policy is whack. StrictlyRockers Sep 2012 #160
Why didn't the Congressional "investigation" pursue the questions more fully? link: patrice Sep 2012 #156
So Bush ignored the message "Bin Laden determined to attack", Does it really matter?? RepublicansRZombies Sep 2012 #157
How many times are you going to post this? EOTE Sep 2012 #161
Thought about this last night before reading the article. There was NO way that this was a surprise. progressivebydesign Sep 2012 #163
After getting a memo titled "Bin Laden determined to strike in U.S."... Blue Owl Sep 2012 #173
read Paul Thompson's 9/11 timeline Slit Skirt Sep 2012 #175
Well there goes the Election DearAbby Sep 2012 #183
Could they have ignored it ON PURPOSE because Neocons WANTED an attack to occur? Kablooie Sep 2012 #188
Too Many Take The Official Narrative As Total Truth colsohlibgal Sep 2012 #189
pretty sure Big Dawg NMlib Sep 2012 #192
What's troubling. . . matt819 Sep 2012 #195
Yeah, "negligence". The Doctor. Sep 2012 #197
I Can't Believe Mapletonian Sep 2012 #202
Old News that regretably misses the mark. Bush, Condi, et al were warned in specific terms Ford_Prefect Sep 2012 #204
good! lets crucify BUSH! not being prepared is not an EXCUSE! grok Sep 2012 #205
Oh, brother. Yeah, there's an equation for ya. WinkyDink Sep 2012 #215
HUGE K & R !!! WillyT Sep 2012 #206
Even if you dismiss "conspiracy theories", Bush REALLY WANTED 9/11 to happen NAO Sep 2012 #208
It was convenient Rosa Luxemburg Sep 2012 #227
What happened to the goat? WinkyDink Sep 2012 #214
K&R. (nt) Kurovski Sep 2012 #219
Bush and Romney Security Advisers GOPGoindown Sep 2012 #220
LOL! Warned????? Vinnie From Indy Sep 2012 #222
Worse President AND Administration in the History of this country benld74 Sep 2012 #224
+1 sakabatou Sep 2012 #233
I'm just glad this discussion isn't being moved to the gawdammed dungeon 7wo7rees Sep 2012 #230
George tenet knows more than he is letting on Rosa Luxemburg Sep 2012 #236
I'm shocked. SHOCKED! (How many people suggesting this for a decade were accused of "tin-foil"?) WinkyDink Sep 2012 #235
This wasnt negligence, gael Sep 2012 #243
The author of this piece in the NYT was on Anderson Cooper tonight!!! Major Hogwash Sep 2012 #244
I watched. He was very very good and reduced Fleischer to a bumbling idiot. n/t lamp_shade Sep 2012 #261
He Knew. Never Forget. blkmusclmachine Sep 2012 #262
As they say in Texas....... Gabby Hayes Sep 2012 #263
LIHOP! MoonRiver Sep 2012 #271
Is it NEGLIGENCE when you say: 'All right. You've covered your ass, now."? Octafish Sep 2012 #282
Condi Rice will not have her integrity impugned with the facts. Supersedeas Sep 2012 #285
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