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Of course not, that is nonsense. mahina Feb 2020 #1
The financial hit is worth it if it takes down Trump budkin Feb 2020 #2
Having gas at about $5 a gallon Dagstead Bumwood Feb 2020 #5
Yeah, that'd be great. cwydro Feb 2020 #9
Didn't think it necessary Dagstead Bumwood Feb 2020 #17
Good. Sorry, but I have seen people here hoping for that. cwydro Feb 2020 #19
I focus all of my negative thoughts and wishes Dagstead Bumwood Feb 2020 #22
With you on that! cwydro Feb 2020 #25
Well, more than just one person... Wounded Bear Feb 2020 #40
focus harder! n/t orleans Mar 2020 #46
I'm re-watching Dagstead Bumwood Mar 2020 #48
I know we're sorta friends and all (maybe not after this) but I'm rooting for $10/gallon gas mr_lebowski Mar 2020 #78
I'm not in favor customerserviceguy Mar 2020 #60
Neither am I Dagstead Bumwood Mar 2020 #81
If people were serious about reducing fossil fuel usage, it needs to be much higher than $5 MichMan Mar 2020 #71
I paid 1.95 at the pump today. Dagstead Bumwood Mar 2020 #82
Sell! Sell! Sell! Shermann Feb 2020 #3
I've been expecting the market drop, and been accused of 'rooting for it'... Wounded Bear Feb 2020 #4
Same here. LuvNewcastle Feb 2020 #39
Despite how incompetent the Trump Administration is yuiyoshida Mar 2020 #84
I'm sure not, but I've seen that on DU. cwydro Feb 2020 #6
It has crossed my mind, but no. Polly Hennessey Feb 2020 #7
Insane... I lost $5500 on my RSUs lapfog_1 Feb 2020 #8
Looks like you're getting your answer in several responses to this thread. cwydro Feb 2020 #10
I'm rooting for COVID-19 to get Drumpf and Pence, actually. n/t rzemanfl Feb 2020 #11
What rzemanfl said. Sugar Smack Feb 2020 #15
Wall Street is full of crooks GusBob Feb 2020 #12
If rooting for something caused it intrepidity Feb 2020 #13
If Coronavirus causes a stock market collapse, that means more disease and more deaths. Cousin Dupree Feb 2020 #14
I'm rooting for sane government that values lives over politics flibbitygiblets Feb 2020 #16
Only ones I see spreading things like this Andy823 Feb 2020 #18
Fuck no. nt jmg257 Mar 2020 #74
of course not, but that will be the bee ess the Trumpigists will be spreading. Thomas Hurt Feb 2020 #20
Sixty percent of Americans make less than forty thousand dollars a year pecosbob Feb 2020 #21
Because the feeling is mutual...nt Wounded Bear Feb 2020 #41
No! My husband is quite ill and we've Laurian Feb 2020 #23
I'm not too worried about the stock market captain queeg Feb 2020 #24
***YES I AM, ABSOLUTELY***. I don't think Trump can be beaten in November if the stock market progree Feb 2020 #26
I don't want to see people stillcool Feb 2020 #27
Nope... 2naSalit Feb 2020 #28
I'm, that's a big no. That is where my IRA money is bottomofthehill Feb 2020 #29
No one wants the stock market to crash. eilen Feb 2020 #30
Lots of gleeful posts here on DU everytime it drops MichMan Mar 2020 #59
I want it to crash hard Calculating Feb 2020 #31
Hell No if the stock market collapses it will carry over in to the economy and affects jobs housing lunasun Feb 2020 #32
Make no mistake,that POS would NEVER give presser on a Sat..... Bengus81 Feb 2020 #33
I'd rather a hamburger got him Joinfortmill Feb 2020 #34
No, but when millions of people warned what a disaster the Retrumplicans would be maxrandb Feb 2020 #35
What goes up must come down TexasBushwhacker Feb 2020 #36
+1000 smirkymonkey Feb 2020 #42
Couple the stock buy backs with a big helping of irrational exuberance TexasBushwhacker Mar 2020 #47
Not really Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2020 #37
Stock market rownesheck Feb 2020 #38
No. I want a stock market collapse so I can make money from it. roamer65 Feb 2020 #43
A long overdue correction to this bloated, overvalued stock market is a good thing. ooky Mar 2020 #44
Wall Street has been enjoying their ill gotten gains for awhile RhodeIslandOne Mar 2020 #45
Ugh. Fox News is the fucking worst! Initech Mar 2020 #49
I wish Bloomberg would buy Fox News. walkingman Mar 2020 #54
Not at all, but all the same, it had no business being as high as it was DFW Mar 2020 #50
My pension is invested in the stock market, so, no. nt tblue37 Mar 2020 #51
If that's what it takes. We can recover from another collapse with good leadership. The markets brewens Mar 2020 #52
No - I'm hoping the market recovers without the FED - everything is so politicized these days. walkingman Mar 2020 #53
Only if it beats quick results. Cartoonist Mar 2020 #55
No, I want Trump to hurt Trump and his enablers... WePurrsevere Mar 2020 #56
Actually I was rooting for a host of God's seraphim Vogon_Glory Mar 2020 #57
I'm rooting for a half a dozen SallyHemmings Mar 2020 #58
That's why we have yuiyoshida Mar 2020 #61
I'm rooting for people to see what a menace Trump is when crisis strikes SiliconValley_Dem Mar 2020 #62
"If the gains of 2019 are erased & it causes people to rethink their support of this psychopath..." progree Mar 2020 #63
I think you can count the Coronavirus yuiyoshida Mar 2020 #64
Investors don't seem to be all that worried at this point -- S&P 500 futures up 0.50% progree Mar 2020 #66
Frankly with the incompetence of the Trump Administration yuiyoshida Mar 2020 #67
Yes. My biggest worry is the very small number of people who have been tested. progree Mar 2020 #68
Did you think the crash in 2008 was a good thing ? MichMan Mar 2020 #70
I'm not rooting for a crash that severe, which was the worst collapse since the Great Depression progree Mar 2020 #75
No! bobGandolf Mar 2020 #65
fuck no Demonaut Mar 2020 #69
um, no. Javaman Mar 2020 #72
better question: is the GOP supporting Trump's lies scrabblequeen40 Mar 2020 #73
No, I'm retired and can't afford it. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2020 #76
No. exboyfil Mar 2020 #77
"Even a whiff of that from our leadership would lead to an electoral wipe out." LenaBaby61 Mar 2020 #79
No Mz Pip Mar 2020 #80
Nope... though I did buy some more whistler162 Mar 2020 #83
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