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Trump is building his base, one pardon at a time. Frustratedlady Feb 2020 #1
from his commentary after his release mnmoderatedem Feb 2020 #2
To me, Trumpocrat is a Democrat gone to Trump's Team Frustratedlady Feb 2020 #4
synonymous with corruption mnmoderatedem Feb 2020 #6
Yes, Rod and what I call you is "lower than pond scum" jls4561 Feb 2020 #3
anagram for "trumpocrat"... trusty elf Feb 2020 #5
No Rod you're a criminal pardoned by another criminal malaise Feb 2020 #7
This. jcmaine72 Feb 2020 #9
We already knew you could be bought Thomas Hurt Feb 2020 #8
Illinois dems and repubs alike don't respect him. Extorting a children's mucifer Feb 2020 #10
blago is toxic to all Illinoisians, trump did himself no favors with either GOP or democrats in beachbumbob Feb 2020 #11
Hey, Blago - like the whore said: "just haggling about price, right?" n/t MFGsunny Feb 2020 #12
Hair furor loves his hair fhrer. 🤮 BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2020 #13
This Illinoisian will always call him "convicted criminal". greatauntoftriplets Feb 2020 #14
Putting "-ocrat" after anyone's last name is very offensive to me. It's an insult... NurseJackie Feb 2020 #15
He'll be out campaigning with Trump TheCowsCameHome Feb 2020 #16
Blago is going to get a prime time speaking spot at the RNC NewJeffCT Feb 2020 #17
*this* TheCowsCameHome Feb 2020 #18
I refer to him as a felon TeamPooka Feb 2020 #19
Hmmm, Blagojevich is a Trump fan. Dr. Strange Feb 2020 #20
Kick dalton99a Feb 2020 #21
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