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White privilege writ large... [View all] Soph0571 Feb 2020 OP
Or how "Melania is the best first lady ever"... for some reason. But Michelle having exposed arms ck4829 Feb 2020 #1
Or pushing her socialist lettuce on our precious children. CaptYossarian Feb 2020 #6
I know, right? ck4829 Feb 2020 #47
Exposed arms is very obscene and practically pornographic IronLionZion Feb 2020 #12
Hillary was attacked as First Lady. SMC22307 Feb 2020 #21
Agreed RVN VET71 Feb 2020 #31
Too many on "our side" don't seem to grasp that. SMC22307 Feb 2020 #34
OK. And white privilege played a role in the disparate treatment of Obama/Trump ck4829 Feb 2020 #48
"White privilege" will be overused to the point it has no meaning. SMC22307 Feb 2020 #61
K&R Solomon Feb 2020 #2
I'd love the link to this tweet. Native Feb 2020 #3
Soz - this is how I saw it on the interwebs... nt Soph0571 Feb 2020 #4
I right clicked and soldierant Feb 2020 #39
Here ck4829 Feb 2020 #40
Retweeted! Thanks so much!!!!! I wanted to pin this, but it truncated the tweet. Native Feb 2020 #54
No, not a good example..Most of America now whathehell Feb 2020 #5
You mean the fiscally responsible party trying (and failing) to CaptYossarian Feb 2020 #7
Yes, but it's that one "party", not the entire "nation" whathehell Feb 2020 #9
Not so. According to Gallup... PatrickforO Feb 2020 #11
According to Gallup, the GOP is still, at 28%, a decided minority whathehell Feb 2020 #13
Ah, but I did not argue effectively. Most Americans now do favor ACA, true. But if you poll them PatrickforO Feb 2020 #24
I'm sorry, but I think using the Republicans handling of Obamacare whathehell Feb 2020 #29
As long as they cheat every way possible, the nation is in their destructive grip. CaptYossarian Feb 2020 #25
Not entirely.. They lost the House in 2018 whathehell Feb 2020 #30
I hope we sweep everything. They brought it on themselves. CaptYossarian Feb 2020 #33
Yes, absolutely whathehell Feb 2020 #37
That'd be the one. And what is it with people and dictionaries? ck4829 Feb 2020 #41
I was sarcastically referring to the hypocrisy of the terminology. CaptYossarian Feb 2020 #62
I know, I know ck4829 Feb 2020 #63
A lot of them are too stupid to understand all they got from Obamacare NickB79 Feb 2020 #15
That report is seven years old, from 2013 whathehell Feb 2020 #16
You think they've taken it upon themselves to self-educate? NickB79 Feb 2020 #17
Most of the country has done so, why not them? whathehell Feb 2020 #19
Move on from what? What ways do you suggest about pointing out the absurdities ck4829 Feb 2020 #50
Move on from using the supposed non-acceptance of Obamacare whathehell Feb 2020 #59
Haha, you know they haven't ck4829 Feb 2020 #42
+1. This definitely shows how white privilege affects perception ck4829 Feb 2020 #49
Oh please. Partisanship is partisanship. Nobody remembers HRC getting slammed in '93? oldsoftie Feb 2020 #8
That was full-on misogyny. White supremacy and misogyny go hand in hand. n/t OneGrassRoot Feb 2020 #18
Sorry, no. This has to do with MONEY, not race or sex. oldsoftie Feb 2020 #23
agreed Skittles Feb 2020 #32
Dems are the party of civil rights radius777 Feb 2020 #52
Yes they do indeed ck4829 Feb 2020 #43
Is this what Obama was referring to with his "woke" comments? SMC22307 Feb 2020 #27
I don't think that's what he was referring to ck4829 Feb 2020 #44
We knew we needed PA, MI, and WI... SMC22307 Feb 2020 #56
Good observation. PatrickforO Feb 2020 #10
This is it. underthematrix Feb 2020 #14
Right-wingers lost their minds over Hillary's healthcare plan... SMC22307 Feb 2020 #20
exactly. oldsoftie Feb 2020 #22
Remember how they portrayed Max Cleland -- who lost limbs in Vietnam -- SMC22307 Feb 2020 #26
I couldn't disagree more Ferrets are Cool Feb 2020 #36
You're not disagreeing with me. The Republican Party IS environmental degradation... SMC22307 Feb 2020 #57
Racism played a role when Obama did it though ck4829 Feb 2020 #45
I agree that it did but Rethugs will always find an -ism to use against our candidates. SMC22307 Feb 2020 #55
They sure did Catherine Vincent Feb 2020 #58
Was it misogyny? Cuz they sure as hell embraced Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, SMC22307 Feb 2020 #60
Presidential Profiling - Under The Radar Feb 2020 #28
+1. Presidenting while black ck4829 Feb 2020 #46
Wow, this is one of the best quotes I've ever read. NT Ferrets are Cool Feb 2020 #35
Yep, we are a racist country. warmfeet Feb 2020 #38
Original tweet can be found here... ck4829 Feb 2020 #51
Brill. Thanks. Soph0571 Feb 2020 #53
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