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boston bean

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Wed Jan 15, 2020, 02:02 PM Jan 2020

Woo boy Nancy! [View all]

She just asked if Trump “painted houses”!

Holy moly!

For those not in the know that is the phrase used in the netflix movie “The Irishman” where the mobster who is a hitman was asked if he painted houses when a hit was being ordered. It was code.

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Woo boy Nancy! [View all] boston bean Jan 2020 OP
Perfect BeyondGeography Jan 2020 #1
I always think of Fox News when I hear "thug" now. I think they had a thing about that when Obama NCLefty Jan 2020 #66
I heard that, she's on fire. Just shit on McCarthey and his photo with Lev. dem4decades Jan 2020 #2
And he replied.. Not me but I know someone who does? Srkdqltr Jan 2020 #3
BWAH! I didn't know the reference. DRAG him, Madam Speaker. nolabear Jan 2020 #4
Ditto malaise Jan 2020 #33
I only wish it was literal. warmfeet Jan 2020 #59
Wow, she's amazing! Great use of an implication! BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2020 #70
This speech is excellent. dewsgirl Jan 2020 #5
K&R, I get the feeling that Pelosi knows she's got one chance to cut the arm off Thanos uponit7771 Jan 2020 #6
+1 ancianita Jan 2020 #15
Nancy chooses her words wisely mercuryblues Jan 2020 #7
agree. that something came from parnas' phone. mopinko Jan 2020 #12
Yes, based on the book I Heard You Paint Houses..Charles Brandt asiliveandbreathe Jan 2020 #8
"I Heard You Paint Houses" by Charles Brandt Pacifist Patriot Jan 2020 #9
His new nickname can be Mafia Don. CaptYossarian Jan 2020 #13
Don't call him a Don whatever you do... yellerpup Jan 2020 #18
I was also thinking of the Russian mob money that got him going after the 4th bankruptcy. CaptYossarian Jan 2020 #20
If they laugh at him instead ... aggiesal Jan 2020 #24
'The Donald' is what his ex wife Ivanna called him. lunatica Jan 2020 #26
The first time I heard about... 3catwoman3 Jan 2020 #46
She was mocking him lunatica Jan 2020 #49
I've occasionally called him that. lagomorph777 Jan 2020 #29
You're ahead of the curve then. CaptYossarian Jan 2020 #55
Nah... LudwigPastorius Jan 2020 #43
What does it make his Dumb and Dumber older sons? CaptYossarian Jan 2020 #57
Freedledum and Freedledee JHB Jan 2020 #67
I surrender to such brilliance. I'm not used to being the straight man here. CaptYossarian Jan 2020 #78
Or just call him The House Painter. wnylib Jan 2020 #53
Paper hanging house painter. wnylib Jan 2020 #54
I'm torn. I know the reference, but that implies actual work. CaptYossarian Jan 2020 #58
But when has honesty or accuracy ever mattered wnylib Jan 2020 #60
When he goes fishing, he's a master baiter. CaptYossarian Jan 2020 #76
As a burger fan, he's a master at big whoppers. wnylib Jan 2020 #80
Your 2 responses made the whopper a double cheeseburger. CaptYossarian Jan 2020 #81
? wnylib Jan 2020 #82
Play on the burger reference: CaptYossarian Jan 2020 #83
I prefer Donnie Two Scoops. dflprincess Jan 2020 #61
Sure, add gluttony to all his other deadly sins. CaptYossarian Jan 2020 #77
Donnie Two Scoops goes back a couple years dflprincess Jan 2020 #85
Thanks! I didn't know that. CaptainTruth Jan 2020 #10
Saw The Irishman. Great movie. Duppers Jan 2020 #11
Trump is both a mobster and a traitor. He has no loyalty to our country or our principles. Midnight Writer Jan 2020 #14
Also, a nazi. Mc Mike Jan 2020 #69
she would make a great president but glad she's in charge of the House. nt yaesu Jan 2020 #16
The Speaker of the House is in charge of a co-equal branch of government & next in line to potus Hekate Jan 2020 #30
We need more Democrats backing her up. gab13by13 Jan 2020 #17
Great, but meanwhile the tRump mob keeps furiously painting while we make fabulous tweets. I just BamaRefugee Jan 2020 #19
Thank heaven she wasn't replaced by a new, fresh face. Mister Ed Jan 2020 #21
You said it! liberalla Jan 2020 #22
I missed it - Mme. Defarge Jan 2020 #23
I distinctly heard it, but didn't know what it meant until this thread Hekate Jan 2020 #31
Recommended. H2O Man Jan 2020 #25
So the Speaker done put her chill in her back pocket and put on her playing the dozens game face underthematrix Jan 2020 #27
Wow. Haven't heard the dozens mentioned since before Roger died. Scotch-Irish Jan 2020 #72
I haven't been watching news today. In what context doc03 Jan 2020 #28
I'm sure someone here will capture & post the snippet. I think it was when she was announcing .. Hekate Jan 2020 #37
Article & video link here dflprincess Jan 2020 #62
So when we establish that Trump ordered the assassination of an American, lagomorph777 Jan 2020 #32
This is a woman with literally NO fcks left to give Hekate Jan 2020 #34
The orange anus is too effete to 'paint houses'. Brother Buzz Jan 2020 #35
Well now I have to watch The Irishman Dukkha Jan 2020 #36
Cohen testified to this. SCVDem Jan 2020 #38
Damn they are going to do it and frame it as Trump ordering a hit Skraxx Jan 2020 #39
Madame Speaker asked a criminal if he paints houses Marthe48 Jan 2020 #40
She's POTUS in-the-hole. WheelWalker Jan 2020 #51
Didn't know that... thx for sharing. Althou painting houses is too good for dotard Thekaspervote Jan 2020 #41
is there a clip somewhere? Kali Jan 2020 #42
I haven't seen The Irishman and never heard that term referring to hitmen. Staph Jan 2020 #44
double entendre dweller Jan 2020 #65
Funny I'm watching Irishman at this moment. honest.abe Jan 2020 #45
Haven't seen it. I thought it was a Hitler reference... Wounded Bear Jan 2020 #47
In the context she used it, dflprincess Jan 2020 #63
That's what I thought, too. calimary Jan 2020 #74
F'n YEAH! MoonRiver Jan 2020 #48
Maybe she reads Rolling Stone 7wo7rees Jan 2020 #50
Thanks for the explanation. I heard her say that wnylib Jan 2020 #52
Nixon had the Plumbers bucolic_frolic Jan 2020 #56
The book the movie is based on is actually titled "I Heard You Paint Houses." nt tblue37 Jan 2020 #64
It probly went right over Shitgibbon's Adderall-addled head. lastlib Jan 2020 #68
Michael Cohen testified Trump speaks in code... dlk Jan 2020 #71
We've got a cheap gangster thug in the White House. The logical result of GOP anti-government Nitram Jan 2020 #73
Nancy is painting him into a corner. marble falls Jan 2020 #75
Thanks for explaining that - I don't watch The NewDayOranges Jan 2020 #79
Sadly, Trump will be flattered by the reference. He'd like to think of himself as a hit man. aikoaiko Jan 2020 #84
She is standing up to the fascist gangster IMPOTUS. Kid Berwyn Jan 2020 #86
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