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18. Elise Stefanik R-NY
Fri Jan 3, 2020, 02:13 PM
Jan 2020

Just got her weekly email?

Know how they are spinning this Iran mess???

"President Trump is reaffirming the proven doctrine of Peace Through Strength."

In all honesty NewJeffCT Jan 2020 #1
Really good point. nt coti Jan 2020 #2
Good point... Dennis Donovan Jan 2020 #3
You're probably right, but Trump drove this hit, you can be sure... Wounded Bear Jan 2020 #4
Trump informed True Blue American Jan 2020 #15
Agree: dump has rid himself of "adults. Disagree: dump is being played by others erronis Jan 2020 #19
Long Running Right Wing Coup. For the past 40 plus years. nt Progressive Jones Jan 2020 #33
Unfortunately most of the adults have been fired or have quit. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2020 #6
What adults? Iliyah Jan 2020 #8
Hand that man a five iron! Mme. Defarge Jan 2020 #9
It always enhances the chance for a lightning strike to be outdoors Submariner Jan 2020 #14
The adults running this show are all in the Kremlin BuffaloJackalope Jan 2020 #21
My thoughts exactly - 100% with you Perseus Jan 2020 #23
Valid point. H2O Man Jan 2020 #27
the adults have left Skittles Jan 2020 #29
There was an Onion article from 2017 NewJeffCT Jan 2020 #30
100% true, but it's still important for the MAGAts to understand ecstatic Jan 2020 #34
We might be better off if His Lardship stays out of the Situation Room The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2020 #5
His Lardship! That should win the thread! calimary Jan 2020 #12
got my vote. mopinko Jan 2020 #32
Put Fat Donnie in the Situation Room and take away his non-secure Twitter phone. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jan 2020 #24
... sprinkleeninow Jan 2020 #25
OMG! Is he actually still playing golf today??? leftieNanner Jan 2020 #7
I read where he told his golfing buddy, gab13by13 Jan 2020 #11
And he told Eric too leftieNanner Jan 2020 #17
I hope he has his unsecured phones with him, turned on Captain Zero Jan 2020 #20
Well to be fair jimlup Jan 2020 #10
The flaw in hierarchies bucolic_frolic Jan 2020 #13
Yup, it's even worse when they are bonkers. Farmer-Rick Jan 2020 #36
What fairway? He thinks of the Middle East as one ginormous sand trap. CaptYossarian Jan 2020 #16
Elise Stefanik R-NY mgardener Jan 2020 #18
How Orwellian of her! central scrutinizer Jan 2020 #31
Actually, we're probably better off if he stays on the golf course. Vinca Jan 2020 #22
trump is not prepared to be POTUS Gothmog Jan 2020 #26
Recommended. H2O Man Jan 2020 #28
He's meeting and golfing with Russian banks as we speak. Farmer-Rick Jan 2020 #35
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