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5. Every time we go on vacation, it's usually somewhere remote.
Tue Dec 31, 2019, 01:20 PM
Dec 2019

With all of the light pollution in our area, it really makes it hard to view the stars.

But on each of our trips to Vermont, Maine, Wyoming, Ireland, Quebec, etc... I always make sure we spend some time stargazing.

It's strange how (if you really think about it), when you find yourself looking up at the stars. You're not really looking up, but instead your looking out into the abyss of our universe. You're just merely held in place by the mass of our little organic spaceship that is flying around our local star at about 67,000 mph. Add to that, the fact that we are being tugged by that star as it plods its way around the galactic core at 490,000 mph, which in turn (the galaxy) is rushing along at 37,000 mph towards the Great Attractor.

But when I look out, and think about those millions of spots of light, and the incredible distances between all of them. You cannot help but reflect on how truly small you are. Most of those points of light are simply stars in our own galaxy, but there are billions and billions of other galaxies out there. As science is showing us, we are finding out that planets are not rare at all.

Makes on wonder if there is life out there. I'd like to think that perhaps somewhere out among those stars, that there is another little planet. Orbiting its own star, and just maybe there is someone out there catching a glimpse of our star, wondering the same thing as me.

I'd love nothing more than to have an advanced culture visit us. I'd only make a simple, single request of these star travelers. Either take me with you, or vaporize me. We broke this one, and I'd like to get off.

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