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Sat Dec 7, 2019, 12:51 AM Dec 2019

Has the democratic party drifted to the right over the past 40 years? [View all]

Yes or no?

I'm curious what most DUers think. Though I knew but now wondering.

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Reagan and Eisenhower would be Dems today aeromanKC Dec 2019 #1
Eisenhower yes edhopper Dec 2019 #18
Reagan WAS a Democrat until 1962 and in fact he was a strong union advocate at one time: George II Dec 2019 #34
Yes, but edhopper Dec 2019 #36
Reagan turned R thanks to Nancy's father Freddie Jan 2020 #55
Nixon would definitely be a democrat! Greybnk48 Jan 2020 #54
Bull --- Check govtrack and see it is more liberal. LiberalFighter Dec 2019 #2
+1000 UniteFightBack Dec 2019 #3
Certainly it is more socially liberal but in its heyday the party was economically liberal. hedda_foil Dec 2019 #42
The decline of support for labor & workers rights has really appalachiablue Dec 2019 #45
Kick for visibility appalachiablue Dec 2019 #46
Preach! redqueen Dec 2019 #48
Well done synopsis n/t Bradshaw3 Jan 2020 #52
"How we got here" in a nutshell. Thanks. nt Atticus Jan 2020 #57
Any PoliSci 102 class will show that. TheBlackAdder Dec 2019 #4
Same with a US History 101 course (where I first learned it). redqueen Dec 2019 #7
After WWII there was a bonus. The Republican Party used Prosper Dec 2019 #5
Bernie is no FDR, and the country is a very different situation than it was during his ehrnst Jan 2020 #50
Yes, and we really need to track left. marble falls Dec 2019 #6
It's not a yes or no question Recursion Dec 2019 #8
Interestingly, support for legal abortion wasn't always a partisan issue. nt redqueen Dec 2019 #9
Yes, it was. Democrats weren't always solidly pro-choice. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2020 #53
got there first stopdiggin Dec 2019 #39
I agree that it's mostly a mixed bag within 40 yrs. Overall... WePurrsevere Jan 2020 #59
No. For most of the last 40 years, it held fairly steady. Recently, it's shifted left a bit. Garrett78 Dec 2019 #10
Democrats moves significantly to the right economically Fiendish Thingy Dec 2019 #31
The Democratic Party, as a whole, has consistently... Garrett78 Dec 2019 #33
Some more fyi on the Overton window... SWBTATTReg Dec 2019 #38
Yes n/t leftstreet Dec 2019 #11
Results are p much what I expected. redqueen Dec 2019 #12
Absolutely yes in the wake of the Reagan era, but the pendulum has made a swing bullwinkle428 Dec 2019 #13
Thanks! redqueen Dec 2019 #15
Yes, we've been picking up moderate Repubs who have been forced out of their party... Wounded Bear Dec 2019 #14
No, I don't think so. MineralMan Dec 2019 #16
More like "dragged" to the right. moondust Dec 2019 #17
Bingo! nt redqueen Dec 2019 #21
And many years (decades) of 'going along to get along' Doremus Dec 2019 #24
Yes. moondust Dec 2019 #32
+1 honest.abe Dec 2019 #28
I think it depends on the issues. crickets Dec 2019 #19
IDK Recursion Dec 2019 #35
On social policy the Democratic Party has moved steadily left, economically it moved rightwards andym Dec 2019 #20
I'd say on environmental policy we have not, and that it was in fact that very thing redqueen Dec 2019 #22
Yes, indeed, we do have Ralph Nadar to "thank" for The Bush presidency, the Iraq War, lapucelle Jan 2020 #60
What Hubert Humphrey ran on in '68 looks like Bernie now DBoon Dec 2019 #23
GOP politicians spent decades Skidmore Dec 2019 #25
Democratic party did what it had to do to compete with filthy, disgusting cheaters Eliot Rosewater Dec 2019 #27
There is no KGB. Its been disbanded for decades now. Voltaire2 Dec 2019 #41
Post removed Post removed Dec 2019 #26
Campaign finance, including dark money has affected our whole political landscape. Dustlawyer Dec 2019 #29
Interesting question Dave in VA Dec 2019 #30
If one studies history, they would learn that all parties drift left or right, and back again and... SWBTATTReg Dec 2019 #37
Some ways yes, other ways no. Turin_C3PO Dec 2019 #40
Well, it's shifted to people who can get elected... brooklynite Dec 2019 #43
With a little (lot of) help from the M$M. redqueen Dec 2019 #49
Something to think over appalachiablue Dec 2019 #44
No, it has shifted to the left (and that's a good thing) Polybius Dec 2019 #47
ok just remember where the Dem party was in the 40s and 50s.. samnsara Jan 2020 #51
Is this a serious question? nt Atticus Jan 2020 #56
If there was a category "DOH!!" that would have been my vote. InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #58
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