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Mon Dec 2, 2019, 06:58 AM Dec 2019

Trump won't be convicted in the Senate, and that's okay. [View all]

At some point, you have to cut your losses:

* You cannot convince the hard-core Trump-voters to vote democratic because they have a cult-mindset: Their beliefs are a part of their persona. Any criticism of their beliefs is taken as an attack on them as a person.

* You cannot convince republican Senators to convict and impeach Trump, because they all have seen what happens to Republicans who criticize Trump: Trump, the RNC and their oh-so-loyal republican fellows destroy the political career of everyone who dares to oppose the Fuhrer. Just look at what they did to McCain and Walsh.


Why should the Democrats fight a losing battle? Why should we worry about decisions that have already been made?

The goal of this impeachment-effort is not to impeach Trump. It has two entirely different goals:

1. Get the facts out to the american people.

2. Get Republicans on the record defending Trump.

Trump has already gotten the Republicans in so much shit: the border-wall is not coming, his tax-cut produced too much debt and too little economic growth, he's at war with the generals of the US military, he's at war with career-officials in US law-enforcement, Evangelicals are going to ever-more-ridiculous lengths to justify their support for him, the US has reached a new low in geopolitical power... And no one is talking any more about Trump's healthcare-reform or "Infrastructure"-week.

The republican voters who voted for him holding their nose are already starting to break away.

He has made it impossible for any decent person to defend him... And THIS is exactly the situation BOTH he AND the Democrats are maneuvering the Republicans into:

Defend the indefensible.

Do not defend the indefensible and the RNC will destroy you.

Defend the indefensible and the voters will destroy you.


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It's not ok and I'm not resigned that he will be president for over another year. Joe941 Dec 2019 #1
Me neither! Of course we KNEW long ago the senate wouldn't convict. Hortensis Dec 2019 #31
Trump is also cutting checks to the threatened senators TheRealNorth Dec 2019 #40
Trump himself is a smoke scream. PufPuf23 Dec 2019 #48
Domestically, the antiliberal, antidemocracy, antiprogressive Hortensis Dec 2019 #49
Thank you for your reply and nuance regards Pelosi's statement. PufPuf23 Dec 2019 #51
:) I thought maybe it was deliberate. Sounds valid. nt Hortensis Dec 2019 #56
ASAP. americans need OFFENSE. trump defenders need to see dire political consequences now and one certainot Dec 2019 #34
I agree with you. If the Democrats stopped now they would look weak Buckeyeblue Dec 2019 #2
How many violations of the Scarsdale Dec 2019 #7
You're only saying that the GOP is saturated with hypocrites. Ho-Hum. Eyeball_Kid Dec 2019 #39
We shouldn't accept defeat in the senate. rainin Dec 2019 #3
This. eom BlueMTexpat Dec 2019 #9
There is still a part of me that thinks the Republicans in the Senate will double cross him Buckeyeblue Dec 2019 #14
Me, too. He's hurt so many of them. He can't hurt them once he's removed. rainin Dec 2019 #16
I tend to agree also. Zoonart Dec 2019 #26
You're wrong about that customerserviceguy Dec 2019 #29
But if the Republicans stick together he can really only pick a few of them to challenge Buckeyeblue Dec 2019 #33
That would require customerserviceguy Dec 2019 #45
Citizen tRump isn't as much of a threat as pResident tRump. rainin Dec 2019 #35
If you're talking about the country as a whole customerserviceguy Dec 2019 #46
That's what happened to Nixon. They never really liked him, and once his power over them... TreasonousBastard Dec 2019 #27
Yup. I agree. Joe941 Dec 2019 #32
they're scared of limbaugh more than trump and the 87 universities that ssupport limbaugh are certainot Dec 2019 #36
I didn't realize thatt Limbaugh had grown that powerful fescuerescue Dec 2019 #53
It's all about bringing his numbers down, and the positive in that, is that it will bring the GOP OnDoutside Dec 2019 #4
A Senate acquittal could backfire. Quemado Dec 2019 #5
dems have to assume the dirty tricks and voter suppression x10. can't wait for election. ebola is certainot Dec 2019 #37
I think this entire impeachment process should be slowed down democratisphere Dec 2019 #6
I agree - I also think that the impeachment process allows for more investigations that could be Pachamama Dec 2019 #8
Absolutely agree with you! democratisphere Dec 2019 #10
In a way, I've thought waiting may actually get more senators to vote to convict. oldsoftie Dec 2019 #12
Completely agree Danascot Dec 2019 #30
Saying that to a trump voting friend actually shut him up. oldsoftie Dec 2019 #11
Exactly. Mike Niendorff Dec 2019 #13
Republick'ns will be confronted with a stark choice: lastlib Dec 2019 #19
ALSO - impeachment is unpardonable. It's a black mark on Orange Hitler's record... CousinIT Dec 2019 #15
Hang that moron around the necks of those partisan hacks who put party above country.. Nac Mac Feegle Dec 2019 #17
Exactly right hadEnuf Dec 2019 #50
Yes, exactly, Republicans are in a box and there is no good choice for them bucolic_frolic Dec 2019 #18
Courage. At the very least, the Democrats are doing a solemn duty. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2019 #20
Impeachment sets down a marker for history that his behavior was unacceptable. RDANGELO Dec 2019 #21
Exactly. Especially if voters punish Republiconism in 2020. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2019 #25
I want to see trump be impeached for historical reasons Poiuyt Dec 2019 #41
I disagree 100% Perseus Dec 2019 #22
Three reasons house must impeach, even if senate won't indict: #3 trump loses all pardoning power! RestoreAmerica2020 Dec 2019 #23
Hmm, that's a point in favor of putting as many charges as possible into the indictment. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2019 #24
well, THAT is very interesting! renate Dec 2019 #43
Nor had I..that's why it caught my attention. If this is the case, then odious guy in WH RestoreAmerica2020 Dec 2019 #54
Big K & R. - for this post ⬆⬆ Duppers Dec 2019 #47
Thanks for link..it's unclear how exception is applied to a president that is mpeached. RestoreAmerica2020 Dec 2019 #58
"Rendered Impardonable" MFGsunny Dec 2019 #63
I would add a third goal to impeachment: Merlot Dec 2019 #28
A Cult of Personality does NOT last forever. Eyeball_Kid Dec 2019 #38
You're probably right on the conviction issue. About it not mattering? Not so sure. matt819 Dec 2019 #42
Detlefk, I know that you are not using the expression. . . Collimator Dec 2019 #44
They vote RED no matter had BAD fescuerescue Dec 2019 #52
Impeachment rso Dec 2019 #55
also Skittles Dec 2019 #57
IMO Congress has a constitutional duty to impeach Dump and remove him from office. Nitram Dec 2019 #59
Precedent. We must make the statement that this is not okay, for the sake of our democracy. Chemisse Dec 2019 #60
I think of the O.J. model: Not found guilty in court,overwhelmingly guiltly to public & ruined. stuffmatters Dec 2019 #61
It is what it is. Yes, the right-wing scum won't vote to convict. Yes, still impeach the bastard. backscatter712 Dec 2019 #62
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